Stan Jefferson

Stan Jefferson is the new superintendent of the Mansfield City School District. He will be introduced at the next Mansfield City Schools board meeting Tuesday.

MANSFIELD -- Stan Jefferson is new to a superintendent's office. But he knows the Mansfield City School District.

Jefferson, hired by the school board on May 28, is returning to a district in which he worked for 28 years as a teacher, coach and administrator.

"I'm very proud to be back in 'TY' country," Jefferson said. "I'm excited to be affiliated with the Mansfield community again."

Jefferson is expected to attend the next board meeting Tuesday, the same meeting at which the board will announce its newest member.

He served as principal at Mansfield Senior High School before he was hired by Jim Tressel to work with the Ohio State University football program, where he was employed for 13 years before retiring in 2017. He then launched a new company, Jefferson Rowe, that summer.

A co-founder and CEO of Jefferson Rowe Vertical Horizon Solutions Group, he speaks to school districts and elsewhere on issues of leadership, cultural awareness and more.

Jefferson was voted into the Mansfield City Schools Hall of Fame in 2009 and is a member of the Ohio High School football coaches' Hall of Fame.

Jefferson said he feels prepared with his background in leadership, education and administration.

Mansfield City Schools have not been judged favorably by the Ohio Department of Education in recent years, rating the district as an 'F-rated' school on their overall district report card.

Now, Jefferson will be held responsible with changing the educational tides.

"The most important thing as any leader -- teacher, administrator, superintendent -- is to bring excitement and rethinking," Jefferson said. "Leadership will drive culture and the results will be positive from that. Driving school culture and behavior will bring (successful) results."

School board President  Renda Cline did not say who will fill the void on the board left by Judy Forney when she was forced to resign due to her reitirement from Mount Vernon Local School District, where she served as a treasurer.

"I'm resigning, but not because I want to," Forney said May 23. "I'm retiring from Mount Vernon and in order to get my pension, I have to resign from this position. I just found this out a few weeks ago." Forney said she planned to seek re-appointment and did interview for the spot this week.

In total, there were seven candidates for the vacancy. Barbara Kern, Linda Golden, Pamel’la Jones-Rembert, Wenda Burnom, Walter Butts, Victoria-Norris Diez and Forney all had interviews scheduled Tuesday, according to district treasurer Robert Kuehnle.

 "Interviews went very well. I am glad we had seven candidates eager to join our team to serve our community," Cline said.

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