St. Peter's School building

Mansfield St. Peter's Junior High and High School building is located at 104 W. First St., Mansfield.

MANSFIELD -- The searing August heat will keep Mansfield St. Peter's students out of school for a second straight day.

Head of School Laurie McKeon made the announcement around noon on Tuesday, after the school had already canceled classes on Aug. 24.

"The weather for tomorrow looks very much like today with an even higher projected heat index," she said. "As such, school will be canceled for all Montessori, Elementary, Junior High, and High School students and faculty tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 25."

The St. Peter's school buildings do not feature central air conditioning.

"Nothing unforeseen, school will be in session on Thursday and Friday," she said. "Knowing that the weather may still be an issue, we will be providing some relief from the heat with classroom breaks, time spent in air-conditioned spaces on campus, and cool treats and beverages available for our students."

Also, both Thursday and Friday will be out of dress code, Spartan Wear days for all students, McKeon said.

"I know that canceling school is not ideal for parents or students, however, the safety of our students and staff is our main priority," she said. "As always, thanks for your patience and prayers."

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