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MANSFIELD -- The GOAL Digital Academy, in its 20th year of operation, recently honored three retiring staff members --  Kristi Hamrick, Chris Deardurff and Cheri Nolting.

Hamrick retired from GOAL after working there for 14 years. She graduated with a degree in elementary education from Otterbein University and completed her education at the Ohio State University. She started her career with a long tenure at Danville, teaching for 21 years, and spent one year as a Reading First tutor at Marion City Schools. Now that she has retired from GOAL, Hamrick has not left working with children and is now working at Childtime Preschool.

Kristi Hamrick

Kristi Hamrick

Deardurff has worked over 40 years in education. She spent 35 of those years teaching 1st through 6th grade and became highly qualified in Science Education. Deardurff then spent 8 years teaching at a private school, and the last 3 ½ years she spent with GOAL. Now that her teaching days are through, Chris will stay busy babysitting her grandson, Hank, and volunteering for various charitable organizations.

Nolting received multiple degrees including Bachelor of Science in Education, Physical Education/Coaching and Adaptive Physical Education; and a Masters in Special Education. Nolting started her career a little later due to being a mom, but made quite an impact. She started an elementary K-6 Multiple Disabilities Unit at River Valley’s Caledonia Elementary, where she remained for 10 years. She then worked 4 years at Crawford County’s Fairway School.

Cheri Nolting

Cheri Nolting

In 2005, she answered a job posting for a part-time Behavior Teacher and part-time Online Teacher at GOAL in Mansfield. She also worked in the Tomorrow Center simultaneously. Nolting’s retirement plans include enjoying her new, smaller house watching the wildlife, some traveling with her husband in their Ford Model Ts, restoring a 1914 Oakland and keeping up with her 2 grandsons.

Nolting reflected, “It's been a fun journey. I've met many people and many students all with different stories that I could write a book about. ”

Tish Jenkins, GOAL Superintendent, said, “We wish Kristi, Chris, and Cheri nothing but the best and they move on to the next chapter in their lives. Each of these talented educators dedicated themselves to our students and we will miss them.”

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