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Mansfield City Schools Superintendent Brian Garverick will step down at the end of this school year. The board of education said he will have a role at the Alternative School, which they said will be relaunched.

MANSFIELD -- Brian Garverick will remain as superintendent through the end of the school year, Mansfield City Schools Board of Education President Renda Cline said.

According to district spokesman Larry Gibbs, the final day for students will be June 4 to offset a couple of calamity days. Teachers will have a professional development day on June 5, then their last day will be June 6.

Cline did not say when the search will begin to find Garverick's replacement.

"We will use professional search services to assist getting the best superintendent for the district," she said.

On April 17, following a regular meeting and executive session, the school board voted unanimously to reopen the Alternative School in the district, moving Garverick an administrative position within that building. His precise role was not described.

"We are fortunate to have leaders like Brian be a part of our district for nearly all his career, and we are excited to have him relaunch the alternative program that was very successful under his tenure to address the unique needs of our students," Cline read from a prepared statement that day. "As we proceed with structuring our staffing decisions around the needs of our students, we will keep all stakeholders informed.

"Final details of the alternative program will come soon. There is a need to service some students in a less populated environment," Cline said.

Garverick has previous experience with the Mansfield's district's alternative school.

"All children can learn. However they do not all learn in the same ways or with the same resources," Cline said. "We must meet the needs for all our students to have academic success.

"We will once again have a traditional and an alternative learning environment to meeting the needs of students we serve."

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