Knox County urban soils

Fredericktown's Urban Soils FFA winners included (from left): Nikki Frazier, Emily Rook, Katie Mull, Andrea Smith, Makayla Scott, and Macy Thorne.

FREDERICKTOWN -- Recently, the Fredericktown FFA chapter sent a team to compete at the Knox County Soil Judging competition. This event was held at Fowler Farms in Amity.

For this contest members can compete in Urban soils or Agricultural Soils. In Urban Soils, members must measure slope, depth of the topsoil, subsoil, and substratum. Determine the structure, depth to seasonal high water table, depth to any restrictive features, soil type by texturing it, and a lot more information from the soil pit.

Contestants must be familiar with the management practices and the requirements for those practices for various land uses like for Buildings with Basements, Sewage and Septic Treatment systems, Driveways and Local Roads, and Lawns, Gardens and Landscaping. By identify all of the factors they can determine what that site will be best used for in regards to urban development and urban purposes.

The Fredericktown Urban Soils Judging team swept first place overall in the county and qualified for the District Invitational.

Katie Mull took 1st overall, Emily Rook took second place, and Andrea Smith took fifth place. Other advancing team members were: Macy Thorne and Makayla Scott with Nikki Frazier as the alternate for the next contest.

The Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden.

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