Judy Forney

Mansfield City School board member Judy Forney is expected to resign from the board for pension reasons due to her retirement as treasurer of Mount Vernon schools. She is expected to re-apply for the board seat.

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield City Schools Board of Education is expected to accept the resignation of board member Judy Forney, effective May 31, at its special board meeting Tuesday, according to Larry Gibbs, district spokesman.

Forney, president of the board in 2018, said she is resigning due to her pension plan with her job as treasurer for the Mount Vernon School District. She came in to fill a vacant seat in February of 2017 when Monica Hubbard left the position.

"I'm resigning, but not because I want to," Forney said Friday afternoon. "I'm retiring from Mount Vernon and in order to get my pension, I have to resign from this position. I just found this out a few weeks ago.

"I feel bad to put the district though this, but I can't collect my pension money if I don't," said Forney, elected to the Mansfield school board in 2017.

Forney resignation

According to Forney, a 1967 Malabar High School graduate, the School Employee Retirement System is where her pension is located from her 39 years in education.

"Their rules are that in order to collect my pension from them, I have to sever my relationship with all public schools as of May 31," she said. "So, I have to resign from the board of education as of May 31."

The school district, per policy, will open the position to anyone interested in being appointed. Forney said she was interested in applying for the open position. The remaining four members will make the choice.

"There is no (rule) for me to go back to work as a treasurer or be a member of a board of education after May 31st."

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