clean and close Bucyrus fountain

Shown here are two volunteer board members of the non-profit organization Projects, Inc, Mike Hoffman, President, and Ken Cameron, along with Dick Hulsmeyer, a volunteer, as they recently worked to clean and shut down the fountain in Bucyrus.

BUCYRUS -- The fountain at Millennium Park on the square in downtown Bucyrus has been closed for the year.

“We are fortunate that each year Advanced Fiber Technology graciously stores the fountain cover when it is not in use,” said Ken Cameron. “Phil and Leonard, Advanced Fiber Technology employees, were allowed time to haul the cover uptown and helped us install it over the fountain for winter.”

Projects, Inc. is a support organization of The Community Foundation for Crawford County.

“Many Bucyrus residents mistakenly think that the park, fountain and murals are owned by the City, but they are not,” stated Lisa Workman, Foundation President. “Projects, Inc. owns and maintains The Great American Crossroads Mural, Liberty Remembers Our Veterans Mural and Millennium Park.

"Opening, closing and cleaning the fountain is all carried out by Project, Inc. volunteers.”

Additional Projects, Inc. Board members are Rick Niese, John Kennedy, and Andrea Presler. Projects, Inc. is always accepting donations as they do incur expenses like IRS filing fees, accounting charges, insurance coverage, landscaping, and even ongoing water treatment and repairs for the fountain and murals.

Those wishing to donate towards the efforts of Projects, Inc. may do so by mailing or dropping off their contributions at 254 E. Mansfield St., Bucyrus.

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