2019 Bratwurst Festival Queen candidates

These seven candidates were the contestants for the title of 2019 Bratwurst Festival Queen.

BUCYRUS -- Three young women will vie for the title of the 2021 Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival Queen.

This year's festival is Aug. 19-21.

Here's a closer look at this year's candidates:


Abigail Brocwell

Abigail Brocwell is a 2021 Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival Queen candidate.

Abbie is the daughter of Grant and Angie Brocwell and has one sister, Jessica Hammons. In high school, Abbie participated in band, show choir, school musicals, FFA, NHS and NTHS, Student Council, and she was the 2020 HOSA President.

Within the community, Abbie is a member of the First United Church of Christ Youth Group, she is on the Junior Fair Board, and she is a Tri-County tractor Puller as well as the 2020 Pioneer Blood Drive Coordinator and is a volunteer Cloverbud Advisor.

Abbie’s hobbies include traveling with her family and friends. She also enjoys baking and crafting because she finds it is a great way to express herself creatively. Her favorite place she has traveled is Disney World. She had the opportunity to go to Disney in 2019 for the HOSA Nationals. This was an honor and an experience that she will never forget.

Abbie recently completed her first year of college at North Central State in the nursing program. After receiving her Associates Degree, she will complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with hopes to be a labor and delivery nurse. Abbie feels the qualities she possesses to be Queen are responsibility, reliability, passion and commitment.

Abbie would like to become the 2021 Bratwurst Festival Queen because she wants to gain a new experience in life. Being a graduate in 2020 during the global pandemic taught her to never take things for granted and to try new things. She has always wanted to have the opportunity to be the Bratwurst Festival Queen, as she would love to have the younger girls look up to her as a role model.

For Abbie, it is not about the crown and sash, but about being able to represent her community.


Shanti Hunter

Shanti Hunter is a 2021 Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival Queen candidate.

Shanti Hunter is the daughter of Monica and Russell Hunter. Shanti also has a sister Shiana who is 6.

She is a senior at Buckeye Central High School and participates in FFA, Student Council, musicals, plays, and cross country. She volunteers for the New Washington scrap metal drive, FFA trash pickup, donates to the Crawford County Humane Society, and participates in FFA Leadership Night and FFA Elementary Ag Day.

Shanti enjoys crocheting because it relaxes her, and it is a great pastime. She loves being outside to garden, camp with her family, and to meet new people from new places. Her favorite place she has traveled is Kentucky because she loved hiking through the mountains and caverns.

Shanti plans to continue her education in agriculture. She has a passion for learning about the social and economic impact of agriculture and understands the importance to feed our nations. Qualities Shanti believes a queen should have and that she possesses are honesty, community involvement, empathy, hardworking, being dependable.

Shanti would like to become the 2021 Bratwurst Festival Queen because she would like to promote agricultural awareness in our community and throughout the State of Ohio. Agriculture and nature are not typical topics to talk about, but they are very important discussions that Shanti feels need to be talked about.

Promoting Agriculture allows Shanti to learn more about our community and the people who live here.

She wants to represent our community and to encourage young girls to be involved with the community and raise awareness of their own passions like she does with natural and agricultural conservation.

Her mother’s side of the family are Swiss German, so the Bratwurst Festival is a special celebration for her and her family heritage.


Natalie Stover

Natalie Stover is a 2021 Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival Queen candidate.

Natalie Stover is the daughter of Aggie and Tony Stover. Natalie has one younger brother named Jake.

In school Natalie participates in volleyball, band, National Honor Society, Student Council, FCCLA, Interact Club, Science Club, and Science Fair. She also does Pointe and competes in the annual Rotary Speech Contest.

She has organized leadership and personal growth meetings, made blankets and snack packs for the Ronald McDonald House, planted Bulbs around Bucyrus, delivered candy treats to nursing homes, and coordinated two blood drives.

Natalie’s favorite hobbies are traveling, playing musical instruments, and 3D printing. She enjoys learning about new places and is self-taught in her musical instrument talents. She enjoys being able to create and experiment with 3D printing by creating solutions to problems.

Her favorite travel spot is Poland, because she was able to meet her family members for the first time and learn about the history and culture of Poland and sight see amazing places.

In college, Natalie wants to double major in biology and neuroscience with a focus on cognitive and clinical neuroscience. She wants to learn more about consciousness, the vegetative state, and memory.

She wants to research theories and help others.

Natalie believes the qualities she possesses to be queen are being passionate, being empathetic, and having integrity. She wants to find better ways to serve her community and those around her. Kindness is her passion, and she loves spreading it to every person she meets.

Natalie would like to become the 2021 Bratwurst Festival Queen because as a child, many Bratwurst Festival Queens and their courts inspired her to be as kind, caring, and helpful as they were in many aspects of her life.

The significance of the impact that was instilled upon her by the past royalty is indescribable, as she continuously strives to embody the noticeable and incredible qualities embedded in her memory.

Natalie wants to inspire all members of her community just as our previous courts inspired her, and to continue the legacy and history of the Bratwurst Festival.

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