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GALION -- Each year, the Crawford Soil & Water Conservation District selects an outstanding cooperator. This week, the Crawford SWCD presented MKB Farms of Galion with this annual award and received a sign donated by Ag Credit.

MKB Farms is owned and operated by Mike and Brenda Kocher along with their son, Nick and his wife, Becca.

MKB Farms’ conservation practices span generations and include conservation crop rotations, forage production, no-till planting, cover crops, comprehensive nutrient management planning, manure storage facility, grass filter strips and grassed waterways. The Kocher’s have also assisted with, and participated in, SWCD field days, tours and workshops.

They most recently hosted the Crawford county FFA soils judging contest on their farm. Everyone is encouraged to congratulate the Kocher Family -- Mike, Brenda, Nick and Becca -- for their outstanding conservation efforts if you see them out and about in the community.

Crawford SWCD would also like to thank Larry Leonhardt, Adam Spiegel, and Heath Gwirtz for running in the Supervisor Election. The winning two candidates are Larry Leonhardt and Adam Spiegel, with their terms beginning Jan. 1, 2021.

The Crawford Soil & Water Conservation District said it appreciates all of the individuals who have cooperated with the district over the last 75 years by realizing the importance of conservation practices on the land and recognizing that our current generation must continue to work to protect all of our natural resources for future generations!

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