Jodi Keller

Jodi Keller was recently appointed to the Crawford County Board of Health.

BUCYRUS – A special meeting of the Crawford County District Advisory Council (DAC) was held in the morning of June 7, 2021 for the purpose of filling a Crawford County Board of Health member vacancy.

Six eligible individuals requested consideration from the DAC to fill that vacancy. The council reviewed and discussed the candidates prior to selecting their appointment.

DAC Chairman, Milton Underwood, has announced Jodi Keller, a resident of Liberty Township with a home just east of the Bucyrus city limits, was appointed to the Crawford County Board of Health for a term that will run through March 2025.

Keller is a Registered Nurse (RN) with 35 years’ experience; with 15 of those years serving as the charge nurse in the emergency department at Bucyrus Community Hospital. Currently, Keller serves as the Associate Director of Healthcare System Emergency Preparedness for Central Ohio.

In this role, she oversees the systemic coordination of central Ohio hospitals and community healthcare partners’ emergency planning and response to promote disaster/terrorism preparedness in the region and state along with overseeing the coverage of the COTS (Central Ohio Trauma System) Healthcare Incident Liaison (HIL) role 24/7.

For the past 16 months, Keller has been coordinating the healthcare response to the COVID 19 pandemic throughout the 15 counites in the central Ohio region, which includes Crawford County.

“My professional experience helps me understand the work of the health department and the importance of that work in protecting the health of our community," Keller said. "I bring a unique perspective to the Board and am excited to support the team at the health department, the work they do, and serve our community as a board member."

The Crawford County District Advisory Council (DAC) is comprised of the president of each board of township trustees, mayors of each village and the City of Bucyrus, and the president of the county commissioners. This group of individuals is responsible for making four of the seven appointments to the Crawford County Board of Health.

Two of the other Board of Health members are appointed by the City of Bucyrus and one member is appointed by the Licensing Council (representatives from the various sectors licensed and regulated by the Board of Health).

The other DAC appointments include Zach Wolfe, Dean Sipe and Dr. Stephen Novack. The City of Bucyrus appointments are Phyllis Crall and Kurt Fankhauser. Scott Woodworth is the Licensing Council appointment to the Board of Health representing businesses that are regulated by Crawford County Public Health.

The next regularly scheduled Board of Health meeting is June 16, 2021, 4:30 p.m., at Crawford County Public Health, 1520 Isaac Beal Rd., Bucyrus.

To learn more about Crawford County Public Health, visit their website at

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