Mayor Linda Pitt

Mayor Linda Horning Pitt of Crestline at her swearing in ceremony.

CRESTLINE -- Linda Horning Pitt has big plans for Crestline.

The newly inaugurated mayor sees the village as an area with untapped potential and hopes to attract more business to the community.

“We’re looking at getting our infrastructure in place so that we're a more viable place for businesses to come into,” said Horning Pitt. “We need to replace our sewer treatment plant. We need to replace some of the water lines.”

The village administration is conducting studies on the state of the area’s sewer system. Soon, Horning Pitt and the village engineers will begin conducting site visits to determine the best location for a new sewer treatment plant.

“I foresee that we will be breaking ground on it by the end of the year,” she said.

Any business growth would be a welcome addition, but with both the CSX Transportation Inc. and Norfolk Southern Corp. railroads running through town, and its close proximity to 1-71 and Mansfield’s industrial park, Horning Pitt argues that Crestline is a prime location for a distribution center. 

The mayor is also looking into expanding water lines into village-owned property near U.S. 30 to make it more appealing to investors.

“Most businesses want site ready,” she said. “We do have areas in town that are already ready, we just have to put our best foot forward.”

Horning Pitt, who grew up in the area and moved back about three years ago, said she’s seeing the spirit of revival in Mansfield and Galion spreading to Crestline.

“We have a revitalization going on in our downtown which is awesome,” she said, citing the Winterfest and parade last November as an example. “We’re seeing more of our community coming together.”

Horning Pitt grew up in Crestline and graduated from Crestline High School. After earning her bachelor’s degree in business administration, she spent time living in Denver, Columbus, Waco, Texas and the greater Nashville area. After moving back to the area three years ago, she became involved with both the Galion-Crestline and Richland Area chambers of commerce. She currently serves as a chamber ambassador for the Richland Area chamber.

“She’s extremely friendly, so I think from a constituent’s standpoint, they’re going to be working with someone who’s able to have a good conversation,” said Jodie Perry, president of the chamber. “She’s very enthusiastic too, and I think she’s looking forward to serving as mayor.

"She’s going to go at it with everything she’s got.”

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