Galion high school students

Galion High School senior Kiersten Gifford (second from left) and junior Kacie Runyon (second from right), along with educators Mrs. Amy Tyree (far left) and Mr. Bobby Gossom (far right), were recognized among the best in Crawford County during a special ceremony at Pioneer Career & Technology Center May 1.

GALION – Galion senior Kiersten Gifford and junior Kacie Runyon were chosen as the 2019 Crawford County BEST Award winners for Galion High School.

Gifford and Runyon, along with educators Mrs. Amy Tyree and Mr. Bobby Gossom, were recognized during the annual celebration at Pioneer Career and Technology Center May 1.

Kiersten and Kacie agreed that being named the BEST Award winners for GHS was a great recognition for their hard work and dedication.

“Mrs. Tyree has had a huge impact on my life and has pushed me to be my best,” Kiersten said. “I am very honored and humbled to have been selected as a recipient of the BEST Award.”

Bobby Gossom, the educator Kacie selected to recognize during the ceremony, will remember this recognition for the rest of his life. Being recognized by a student reinforces why he is in education.

“I could challenge Kacie to do better in the classroom and she would always respond in a positive manner,” Gossom said. “She has a great work-ethic, always strives for excellence and will achieve a lot in her life because she is a great student and an even better person.”

Kacie was honored to be recognized during the BEST Award ceremony and was humbled that others are seeing the hard work and dedication she puts into her academics and organizations.

“Mr. Gossom has helped me with many things outside of his business classes including other class work, obtaining membership into various organizations and everyday life experiences,” Runyon said. “He cares for his students and wants to see them succeed, and I appreciate everything he has done for me since he began teaching at Galion High School.”

Amy Tyree, who was honored by Kiersten Gifford, said her goal as a teacher is to help students appreciate and understand their world. Only when they reach that level of appreciation and understanding can they decide what difference they are going to make.

“Kiersten is an amazing young woman who will make a great impact,” Tyree said. “I look forward to seeing the future she creates for herself.”

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