Galion High School building

Galion High School is located at 472 Portland Way North in Galion.

GALION -- A Galion student was arrested Friday after an incident reported by school administrators, according to superintendent Jennifer Allerding.

Allerding released a statement Friday night stating two students were involved in an incident that included a non-firearm weapon. No names were released and the specific charge(s) were not disclosed.

No other comment was available at the time of publication.

Here is Allerding's statement in its entirety:

This (Friday) afternoon, Galion High School administrators were made aware of an incident between two students, in which a non-firearm weapon prohibited under District policy, was present. The incident was promptly brought to the attention of administration. School personnel immediately acted to ensure the safety of students and staff, apprehending the student in question and confiscating the weapon.

No students or staff were harmed.

Any situation that could potentially threaten or harm our students and staff is addressed with our fullest attention and dealt with accordingly.

Resource Officer Burwell completed an additional investigation, resulting in the arrest of the student in question by the Galion City Police Department. Per Galion City School’s Student Code of Conduct and board policy, students in possession of a non-firearm weapon on campus are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion, following a disciplinary hearing.

Galion City Schools DOES NOT tolerate the possession of weapons or other devices designed to inflict serious bodily harm on school property, in any school vehicle, at any interscholastic competition, extracurricular event, or at any other program or activity.

Galion City School District takes any and all situations involving student safety very seriously and is committed to the wellbeing of our students and staff at all times.

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