Galion High School building

GALION — For the third year in a row, the Galion City School District has earned the Auditor of State Award.

“I think that the City of Galion and the Galion community should be thankful that we have a treasurer that is doing a great job of managing and being fiscally responsible with the community’s dollars that support our school system," superintendent Jim Grubbs said. "Our staff — teachers, custodians, everyone — ought to be thankful as well that we have a treasurer that is able to support their needs, and yet still manage the dollars in a fiscally responsible way.”

To qualify, some criteria that you have to meet are: no findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies; no financial concerns; the entity’s management letter contains no comments related to ethics referrals, questioned costs less than the threshold per the uniform guidance, lack of timely report submissions, bank reconciliation issues, findings for recovery less than $500, or public meetings or public records issues.

“I am honored, and trying hard every day to be sure we are always in compliance and doing what is best for our district,” treasurer Charlene Parkinson said.

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