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GALION -- The Galion City Health Department (GCHD) is reporting the first positive test result for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

The Galion City Health Department reported the case on Monday afternoon. The GCHD, along with hospitals, healthcare providers, and community partners say they have been actively preparing to respond to possible COVID-19 cases in the community.

This is the first positive COVID-19 test result for the City of Galion. GCHD stated it is working to identify any close contacts of this resident who would require testing or monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19.

“We are working closely with the Ohio Department of Health, following protocols and guidance in place, to identify close contacts of this individual," said Trish Factor Galion City Health Commissioner. "These individuals will be instructed to self-quarantine and will be monitored for 14 days. Our focus right now is to support the care of this individual and protect the health of our residents, healthcare workers, and first responders.

“The news of a COVID-19 case in our city is not a surprise as we know there is community spread in Ohio. We have community interventions in place that are designed to slow transmission in our community while lessening the impact. Our investigation is ongoing. Our main goal is to isolate those who are ill, identify close contacts and monitor for illness.”

The case is an adult in his or her 30’s who is recovering and isolated at home. To maintain patient privacy, the Galion City Health Department will not be providing additional identifying information.

The GCHD Infectious Disease Team, comprised of public health nurses, disease intervention specialist, epidemiologist, and physician, are monitoring the individual and in communication with his or her close contacts.

The Galion City Health Department expects more cases of COVID-19 to be reported in the city, as they are aware of increased testing. GCHD wants to remind residents that the actual number of COVID-19 cases in Galion and Crawford County likely exceeds the cases currently reported.

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