Galion High School Symphonic Band

Galion High School Symphonic Band members received exceptional marks in the District 2 Solo and Ensemble competition at Marion Harding High School Feb 16.

GALION – Members of the Galion High School Symphonic Band competed in the Ohio Music Education Association District 2 Solo and Ensemble Contest at Marion Harding Feb. 16.

There were 25 band members entered in the solo portion of the contest. Douglas Harvey (trombone) and Hannah Daniels (trombone) each competed in Class A solos and received “I” ratings for their performances. Makenna Mohr (alto saxophone) and Ceyanna Mohr (clarinet) each received a “II” rating for their Class A solo performances.

Jacob Kostelnik (multiple percussion), Torrie Keeton (tuba), Hannah Daniels (French horn), Anna Court (trombone), Eleanor Chandler (trumpet), and Marissa Breinich (oboe) each prepared a Class B solo and received “I” ratings. Mathias Breinich (timpani), Breanna Harmon (flute), Grace Murphy (French horn), and Kyler Ratcliff (euphonium) received “II” ratings for their individual Class B solo performances.

Eleven Galion students prepared a Class C solo.

Regin Kuehlman (euphonium), Lexi Miller (marimba), Leah Hall (trumpet), Torrie Keeton (trumpet), Emmah Gollihue (clarinet) each received a “I” rating. Ashanea Mills (bass clarinet), Samantha Abouhassan (trumpet), Katerina Schutt (clarinet) earned “II” ratings, and Madilynn Breinich (marimba), Paige Rudolph (xylophone), and Sarah Baldinger (alto saxophone) received “III” ratings.

“I am incredibly proud of our students’ accomplishments," Director of Bands Jessica Hammond said. "Their musicianship, due diligence, importance they place and time they put into their instrumental music education in preparing for this busy day was pretty amazing.”

The Galion Brass Choir, comprised of Eleanor Chandler, Samantha Abouhassan, Marissa Breinich, Leah Hall, Grace Murphy, Anna Court, Hannah Daniels, Douglas Harvey, Regin Kuehlman, and Torrie Keeton received a “I” rating in the Class B ensemble competition. The three-member Galion Trombone Trio of Douglas Harvey, Hannah Daniels, and Anna Court also performed in Class B and earned a “I” rating. Gabrielle Akers, Madilynn Breinich, Paige Rudolph, Jacob Kostelnik, and Lexi Miller, members of the Galion Mallet Ensemble, received an “II” rating for their performance in the Class B ensemble competition.

The GHS Trumpet Trio of Eleanor Chandler, Samantha Abouhassan, and Leah Hall and the Galion Clarinet Trio of Ceyanna Mohr, Emmah Gollihue, and Ashanea Mills each received a “I” rating in the Class C competition, respectively.

“I am incredibly proud of all our Symphonic Band members who took on the extra work and time to prepare for this competition,” said Superintendent Jim Grubbs. “Mrs. Hammond does a fantastic job working with our students, and the evidence is clear with their performances in this incredibly difficult competition. Congratulations to all!”

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