Galion City Schools students (from left) Teagan Prince, Alexandria Montgomery & Ryleigh Montgomery deliver 1,600 pairs of socks donated during the Galion Intermediate School's 2019 "Socktober" fundraiser. The 2020 campaign kicks off October 1, and the goal is to collect more than 1,600 pairs of socks to donate to a local homeless shelter.

GALION - Giving back and serving the community has become a mainstay for students in the Galion City Schools. The Galion Intermediate School fifth grade teachers and students will conduct their seventh annual “Socktober” fundraiser Oct. 1 through 31.

The fifth-grade team, after reviewing the idea from YouTube sensation Kid President, decided to launch the “Socktober” fundraiser at the Intermediate School during the 2014-2015 school year. In the three-minute video, Kid President challenged Internet users to change the world.

“I presented the ‘Socktober’ idea to my fifth-grade teammates and we thought it would be a great way to get our students helping others in need,” Intermediate School teacher Paula Prince said. “Our six-year collection total has exceeded 4,100 pairs of socks.”

Prince is giving her students the opportunity to lead this year’s event, and they have taken the challenge to heart. The fundraiser includes all classes at the Galion Intermediate School again this year.

Fifth grade students Alyssa Hunt, Myla Harding, Sara Holt, Will Rinehart, Mason Trimble, and Rylan McGlothlin presented, and received approval for, an incentive from Intermediate School Principal Alex Sharick for students who participate and donate to Socktober. Students who donate one pair of socks each week can wear jeans each Friday, and students who donate two or more pairs of socks each week can “dress down” based on the total pairs of socks they donate each week.

Dates when students can “dress down” are as follows: Oct. 2, Oct. 9, Oct. 16, Oct. 23, and Oct. 30. Specific “dress down” guidelines will be sent home to families with students prior to the start of the


“Students are decorating boxes for each classroom at the Intermediate Building so classrooms can begin to collect socks for Socktober,” Prince said. “Students will work in small groups to deliver the boxes and explain to each classroom what Socktober is all about and the goal for this year.”

Prince’s students have set their goal very high again this year. They are working to exceed their 2019 collection total and collect over 1,600 pairs of new socks to donate to a local homeless shelter.

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