Cohen Pierce

Galion Middle School eighth-grade student Cohen Pierce (Submitted photo)

GALION -- Galion Middle School eighth grader Cohen Pierce has earned the opportunity to compete March 27 for a spot in the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition.

This year’s Ohio Virtual Regional Spelling Bee will feature the top 50 spellers from around the Buckeye state, which includes Pierce.

“I feel pretty great about being one of the top 50 spellers in the state,” Pierce said. “I’m pretty impressed with myself and what I’ve been able to accomplish to this point.”

Pierce competed in the Crawford/Morrow County Spelling Bee and the Tri-County Spelling Bee, both sponsored by the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center.

The process began for Cohen with a written test, which was given to determine the top spellers for the local spelling bee, as well as the top spellers in the intermediate school and the middle school. He then took an online test, and his score qualified him for the regional competition

“April Pfleiderer, a fifth-grade student, was the intermediate school building winner, qualifying her to also take the online Scripps test along with Cohen,” talented and gifted coordinator Jennifer Pennell said.

“The key for him to perform well at this level and beyond is knowing what questions to ask the pronouncer that may give clues to the word’s spelling," Pennell said.

Should Pierce come away from the virtual competition as the overall winner, he would then qualify for the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

“I’m going to work diligently with Ms. Pennell to prepare for this competition,” Pierce said. “My plan is to spend time studying from the Scripps Spelling Bee materials, so I’m prepared for March 27.”

Galion Supt. Jennifer Allerding said, "This is an outstanding accomplishment for Cohen, his family, his teachers, and the Galion Middle School. I would like to wish Cohen the best of luck in his preparations for, and participation in, this competition. The Tigers will be rooting for you!”

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