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NORTH ROBINSON – To promote a smooth transition to high school and make sure students feel comfortable with the staff, the school, the procedures, and the expectations, Colonel Crawford High School hosted Frosh Fest 9.0 on the first day of school, Aug. 23, during school hours.

Students were greeted by High School Principal Jake Bruner and received a special t-shirt for the day. After finding their lockers, students spent the first half of their day walking through their entire schedule, meeting all of their teachers, and learning to navigate the cafeteria.

They learned from upperclassmen about different student groups on campus, like Teen Institute, National Honor Society, Leo Club, Student Council and class officers.

During the afternoon, community organizations led the students in breakout sessions.

“We had presentations from Bucyrus Community Counseling on digital footprints,” explained Bruner. “The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department and our DARE officer presented on cell phone and cybersecurity, Teen Institute counselors encouraged students on team building, communication, and making smart decisions, and Colonel Crawford’s School Resource Officer Deputy Sterling presented as well.

“August 23rd was a big day for the class of 2025, and we love giving them a great start to their first day of high school. We have found that Frosh Fest really helps them get acclimated to the environment of high school, which is a big indicator for success.”

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