Dr. Christina Fox

Dr. Christina Fox checks out a student at Fairway Preschool in Bucyrus.

BUCYRUS -- Crawford County Board of Developmental Disabilities wants to publicly thank Dr. Christina Fox for providing free vision screenings to the students at Fairway Preschool again this year.

The school said Dr. Fox has been volunteering her time by providing these vision screenings to Fairway for many years.

"The student’s age as well as special needs makes typical vision screening a challenge to get accurate results," the school stated. "However, Dr. Fox brings her expertise and specialized equipment to Fairway and has found vision concerns that were previously unknown to parents and teachers. She also has been able to confirm suspected vision issues."

Fairway Preschool students are ages 3 to 5 years old with half of the students enrolled identified as developing typically and the other half of the students have been an identified with a developmental delay or special needs. The early learning years are important for ongoing success for all students. Ensuring the students have good vision is crucial for learning.

During this year’s vision screening 9 students out of 66 students, that were screened, were found to have vision concerns and recommendations were sent to their parents for further follow up.

"We are very grateful that Dr. Fox so generously gives back to the community with her time and talents," the school said.

Crawford County Board of Developmental Disabilities, located at 1630 East Southern Ave, Suite 101, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 serves over 350 children and adults at Fairway School, public schools, Community Services, and private providers.

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