Crestline High School building

Crestline High School is located at 435 Oldfield Road in Crestline.

CRESTLINE – Crestline Schools will host a Senior 2020 Celebration Parade and Drive-In Graduation for the Crestline High School Senior Class of 2020.

On Friday May 29, the Crestline Exempted School District will hold a parade in honor of the graduating senior students. The parade will begin at 6 p.m. at Kelly Park and travel throughout the village, culminating in a drive-in graduation ceremony at Crestline High School.

Students will travel with their family members in a single vehicle and travel along the parade route. Village residents are asked to celebrate along the route. Clayton Herold will serve as parade emcee.

“We have a strong relationship with village leadership and safety services,” explained Superintendent Matt Henderson. “United Bank and Edgar Trent Construction have provided a stage and a location for our announcer along the parade route.

“We appreciate the support of these businesses.”

The graduation ceremony is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on May 29, upon the conclusion of the parade. will provide a live stream of the event along with a broadcast from North Central Media Ohio Media Group.

The graduation will be limited to students and their families in a single vehicle. District staff will be allowed to attend, but will be required to remain in their vehicle. A stage area will be set up in the north parking lot. The ceremony will include all of the traditional components of a graduation ceremony.

Senior academic awards and scholarships will be announced as part of the event. A limited number of Board of Education members, participants, and administration will be allowed around the stage area.

“It is our intent to safely and responsibly allow our seniors and families to be a part of a traditional ceremony in a non-traditional way,” Henderson says. “On May 12, our staff delivered caps and gowns to our seniors at their homes and we need to have a special ceremony in which our seniors can wear those and be celebrated.”

A rain date of Saturday May 30 has been scheduled in the event of inclement weather.

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