Galion City School District

GALION – Crawford County schools turned in a 'C' average when the Ohio Department of Education released its school report cards on Thursday. 

Galion City School District fared the worst out of all districts in Crawford County, falling one letter grade from a 'C' in 2018 to a 'D' in 2019. But for Superintendent Jim Grubbs, he believes the report card isn't an entirely accurate portrayal of the Galion district. 

"It doesn't tell you about the 20,000 hours of community service our kids have logged in the last three years," Grubbs said. "It doesn't tell you we gave over a million dollars in local scholarships. It doesn't tell you Galion is the only district to have a college on our campus. There are a lot of pieces to what really matters." 

In his fifth year as superintendent, Grubbs expressed frustration with the ever-changing standards by which the Ohio Department of Education measures schools each year. 

"You can't report something that changes with the wind," he said. "You're trying to report something that is not necessarily a true representation of what may be happening sometimes within a report card, because you can't report it all. And if you tried, you'd never understand it. There are so many moving pieces to it." 

The Galion City School District downgraded from a 'B' to a 'D' in Progress, and from a 'C' to a 'D' in Gap Closing. Progress looks at the growth students are making based on past performances, while Gap Closing shows how well schools are meeting performance expectations for its most vulnerable students. 

In the Progress component for 2019, the Galion district earned an 'F' in measured progress for gifted students, a 'B' for students in the lowest 20 percent in achievement, and an 'A' for students with disabilities. 

Galion City School District's graduation rate remained excellent, with the district earning an 'A' in both 2018 and 2019. This year's measured graduation rates showed 94.3 percent of students graduated in four years, while 97.2 percent of students graduated in five years. 

The district also improved in the Prepared for Success component, earning a 'D' in 2019 compared to an 'F' in 2018. This component looks at how well prepared students are for future opportunities, whether training in a technical field or preparing for work or college. 

The Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers component grade for Galion was a 'D' but the Ohio Department of Education noted this data is subject to change due to a local reporting error. 

Grubbs said the Galion district would use the data reported to continuously improve - a standard the district sets for itself regardless of report card results. Grubbs reported the district recently purchased new Pearson math books, invested money in teaching English Language Arts throughout the primary grades, and compared itself to districts with similar demographics to learn more methods of improvement.

"I'm not worried about the past, I'm worried about where we'll be in the future," Grubbs said. "And we're headed there, those changes are happening."

This is the second year in which Ohio districts and schools received overall letter grades. The overall grade is calculated using results in the six components: Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers, Graduation Rate and Prepared for Success.

The Buckeye Central Local Schools district earned the highest overall grade in Crawford County with a 'B' - maintaining its grade since 2018. Buckeye Central scored highest in the Gap Closing and Graduation Rate measures with an 'A' in both; the district earned 100 percent in Gap Closing and 100 percent of students graduating in four years. 

Across the rest of Crawford County, Wynford Local, Bucyrus City, Colonel Crawford Local and Crestline Exempted Village districts all earned a 'C' in overall district grades. 

In the Graduation Rate component, Wynford and Colonel Crawford both earned an 'A' grade, while Crestline and Bucyrus earned a 'B' grade. In the Prepared for Success component, Wynford and Colonel Crawford both earned a 'D' grade while Crestline and Bucyrus both earned an 'F' grade. 

Nearly 80 percent of school districts across the state of Ohio received a ‘C’ or higher, with more than 30 percent receiving a ‘B’ or higher.

"This year’s report cards show continuous improvement is ongoing and that, across Ohio, we are getting better and better at challenging, preparing and empowering each child," said Paolo DeMaria, superintendent of public instruction.

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