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NORTH ROBINSON – With many other districts canceling their Christmas music programs outright, Colonel Crawford’s Choir Director Jennifer Eachus decided to adapt by recording the program during school hours to offer it online.

Parents and community members will be able to watch the performance by going to Colonel Crawford's website, All of the choirs from 6th grade through 12th offer a recorded performance.

“We have been singing since Day One and preparing music like it was a normal year,” explained Eachus. “I wanted the students to have a goal and to keep singing. I am thankful that my administration works well together providing a space for the students to be able to spread out and still keep singing.”

Eachus said it was a great time for each of the choirs involved.

“This was the debut performance for the Men's and Women's Chorus, made up of 9th through 12th graders, but we also had the 6th Grade Choir, 7th Grade Choir, 8th Grade Choir, our Concert Choir, primarily 9th graders, and our Senior Choir, of 10th through 12th graders.”

Various staff members stood on a ladder holding the camera to record each performance.

“The students did get a little nervous and felt a little bit of the pressure that is felt doing a live performance. I was thankful for that. They also enjoyed dressing up and making it a little special.”

Eachus thanked Mrs. Price, elementary computer teacher, Mrs. Britt, teacher's aide, Mrs. Briley, teacher’s aide, Mrs. Brause, teacher’s aide, along with students Kevin Phillips, a senior, Lucy Myers, a freshman, and Emily Hurt, a senior, for volunteering for camera duty. Custodians Kody Knapp. Chris Ruth and Mike Hensley helped with the tables and chairs. She also thanked the building principals: Mrs. April Bond, Intermediate Principal, Mrs. Cindy Voss, Elementary Principal, and Mr. Jake Bruner, High School Principal, for allowing time to record and keeping people out of the cafetorium.

Eachus said she was grateful for the hard work done to keep things as normal as possible.

“Our superintendent, Todd Martin, and all of the administration have been great this year working extra hours to make sure we teachers are able to do our jobs and students are able to be in school learning. I am thankful to be teaching in a district like Crawford and feel fortunate that my boys attend school there as well.”

Colonel Crawford Local Schools provides education to over 900 students from preschool through 12th grade. The district offers a curriculum with a wide range of electives and comprehensive courses of study in college preparatory, vocational and physical education programs. The district’s mission is to enable students to grow academically and socially by providing a safe, positive and challenging learning environment.

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