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BUCYRUS -- The Bratwurst Festival is about three weeks away, and the event organizers are looking for additional volunteer help.

“It takes several hundred volunteers to make the event the success that it is. We are all volunteers – there are no paid positions within the organization,” said Kevin Myers, Assistant Director.

There are several positions available to fit multiple skill sets and activity levels.

“We have labor intensive jobs such as maintenance and grounds crew, and we have less strenuous needs such as manning the information booths and the art show. We also need help with the stage setups, parade lineup, and concessions,” Myers said. “Bringing all of the food vendors in takes a lot of work. We need help marking their spots on the street, inspecting them to make sure they are in compliance with our rules and local laws. We also need help greeting the over 100,000 visitors that come to our town for the festival.

"They will have questions that need answered, and all of the trash that they produce from their food wrappers and cups needs taken care of. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that most people don’t see. Here is your chance to see it, be a part of it, and possibly make some great friends doing so. Here is your chance to make a difference and give back.”

To volunteer, visit the Bratwurst Festival’s website at and click on the orange box that says “SIGN UP TODAY” on the front page of the website, or click on:

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