Crawford County prosecutor

BUCYRUS -- The following 24 residents were recently arraigned in Crawford County Common Pleas Court after being indicted by a grand jury in April or May, according to Prosecutor Matthew Crall:

-- David L. Chatman, rape (F1); bond set at $1 million.

-- Matthew J. Lambert, tampering with evidence (F3), possessing drug abuse instruments (M2); $50,000.

-- Sara L. Gonzalez, breaking and entering (F5); $50,000.

-- Shianne Lucas, possession of drugs (methamphetamine) (F5), possession of drug paraphernalia (M4); $50,000.

-- Krista Lucas, tampering with evidence (F3); $50,000.

-- Tracey M. Horsley, possession of drugs (methamphetamine) (F5), tampering with evidence (F3), illegal conveyance of prohibited items onto grounds of detention facility or institution (F3); $75.000.

-- Ronald M. Kilgore, possession of drugs (methamphetamine) (F5); $75,000.

-- Stephanie Loveless, possession of drugs (vicodn) (F5); $5,000.

-- Edward A. Underwood, burglary (F2); $100,000.

-- Iva L. Reedy, possession of drugs (methamphetamine) (F5); $50,000.

-- Derek B. Snyder, receiving stolen property (F5), resisting arrest (F4), obstructing official business (M2), four counts theft (F5), three counts theft (F3), possession of drugs (methamphetamine) (F5), two counts having weapons under disability (F3), three counts theft (M1), four counts criminal trespass (M4); $200,000.

-- Curtis Newcome, two counts trafficking in drugs (buprenorphine) (F5); $50,000.

-- Marquis Allred, having weapons under disability (F3), improperly handling firearms in motor vehicle (F4), possession of drugs (heroin) (F5), possession of drugs (cocaine) (F5), possession of drug paraphernalia (M1); $100,000.

-- Lucas G. Conn, possession of drugs (heroin) (F5); $25,000.

-- Wesley P. Jackson, tampering with evidence (F3), possession of drugs (cocaine) (F5), trafficking in drugs (F4); $100,000.

-- Kimberly L. Dauchenbaugh, permitting drug abuse (F5); $100,000.

-- Bruce Taylor, possesion of drugs (cocaine) (F5), possession of drugs (hydrocodone) (F5), possession of drugs (oxycodone); $50,000.

-- Tyrell L. Crockett, receiving stolen property (F4); $25,000.

-- Jeffrey E. Newcome, possession of drugs (suboxone) (F5); $25,000.

-- Rena K. Sink, aka Walls, identity fraud (F5); personal recognizance bond

-- Robert T. Gallant, burglary (F2), domestic violence (F3); $100,000.

-- Amy M. Daniels, possession of drug (methamphetamine) (F5), possession of drug paraphernalia (M4); $50,000.

-- Randle Battles, improper handling of a firearm (F4), having weapons under disability (F3); $25,000.

-- Phillip M. Ealey II, possession of drugs (F5), possession of drug paraphernalia (M4), possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia (MM); $25,000.

Ten cases remain unserved, totaling 14 charges, according to Crall.

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