Details for Richland Source/Lede AI is hiring for a Sales Development Representative

Who we are

A couple of months ago my co-founder looked at me and said, “It’s time for employee number one.” He was right. This is your opportunity to be that person for an award-winning artificial intelligence startup poised for explosive international growth. 

Lede AI gives U.S. newsrooms superpowers. We deliver automatic local sports coverage at scale while newsrooms do the journalism that only human editors and reporters can do. LedeAI writes hundreds of unique news briefs in seconds and publishes them to a client’s web site automatically. We use thousands of human-written variations so the content never looks the same and reads beautifully.

With LedeAI’s technology, local newsrooms can cover the news readers want, create new revenue streams, and let reporters do the valuable investigative work only they can do.

We’re financially sound and have a growing customer base around the U.S. and the globe. Our core product has been in use for two years. Our dev team is improving it all the time. Our marketing is active and sales collateral has been developed.

We’re ready for you. 

Who we need

We’re hiring a Sales Development Representative, which is essentially an entry-level sales role. We’re looking for a person that is interested in tech. Like, really interested. But more than that, you need to be interested in meeting people and helping them solve their problems. 

We know, we know… everybody says that. Here’s the thing though... the problem you’re going to help solve is important.

Local news in the U.S. is in trouble. There’s a million reasons for this, but the bottom line is that there are 47% fewer reporters and more demand for trustworthy news than ever. In a situation like this, the result is thousands of crucial stories are left untold. Lede AI fills a part of the gap and helps solve the problem.

If you like tech, like people, like sales, and like the idea of saving journalism and democracy you might be the perfect person.

What you’ll do

You’ll help us find and reach the people in U.S. news media who need our help. You’ll use the best tech, work with the founders day in and day out, and help fill up calendars with appointments. 

You’ll manage email campaigns, handle organic social media, make outbound phone calls, scour the web for opportunities, do initial sales demos, and book appointments. We’re a fast-paced, supportive, and results-driven culture. You’ll know what we expect and have our support. You’ll have leeway to make decisions and shape our business. 

If this sounds awesome, apply today. Submit your cover letter and resume to

For more information on the company and the product, check out Lede AI on the web. For our value proposition and introductory sales deck, check this link.