Details for Idea+Works seeking Executive Director

Executive Director - Job description 

Overall aims 

• Catalyze and support startup growth in Mansfield

• Boost local corporate and existing business innovation efforts

• Make Idea Works a leading pioneer of what an entrepreneurship/innovation space can become in a small rust-belt town 

Sustainability work 

• Build substantial relationships with partners (corporations, entrepreneurs, college and universities, government agencies, startup hubs, and investors)

• Keep closely connected to and driven by needs of stakeholder base

• Pursue funding sources (including through revenue, grants, and donors) with the goal of making IdeaWorks a sustainable enterprise 

Spokesperson work 

• Set tone for culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and possibility 

• Be the credible, passionate, and public face of Idea Works in the community 

Day-to-day work 

• Develop and deliver or identify and bring programming that supports startup growth and promotes innovation

• Develop and track key metrics to monitor and ensure Idea Work's success

• Financial management of operational budget

• Develop effective and inclusive operating procedures for Idea Works 

Defining success

Metrics matter, but the traditional entrepreneurship incubator ones (i.e. companies started, capital raised, jobs created) are likely later stage for the Idea Works Executive Director. Initial metrics of success should include: 

• Increased quality entrepreneurship and innovation offerings that boost education and success for participants

• Increased awareness and participation from local community in entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities 

• Increased Idea Works memberships and increased usage and participation rates of members

• Enhanced innovative thinking and entrepreneurial culture in the community  

Medium stage metrics should include: 

• Sustainable funds raised 


All interested should submit resume/apply to: