Details for Mansfield First is hiring for an M1 Kids Academy Director


  • M1 is For All People


  • Pastoral:  Give pastoral leadership to all people and aspects of the M1 Kids Academy.
  • Operations and Administration:  Keep the M1KA structured and staffed in ways that maintain profitability and raise the level of workplace satisfaction.
  • Integration:  Staff, parents, and kids form a positive opinion of M1 Church through their interactions with M1KA.
  • Standards:  Ability to set and maintain expectations on state licensing requirements including actual childcare, record keeping, safety protocols.
  • Competency:  Gifted in leadership and administration.  Presents self in ways that raise the reputation of all of M1 in all that they do.
  • Proficiency:  Current with computer and technology skills.
  • Prefer candidates to have 2-3 years of experience hiring, training, retaining, and terminating employees.


  • Doctrinal:  Can you agree with this doctrinal statement?
  • Character:  Participation in personal professional staff development. Self-starting devotional life.
  • Buy-in:  Sees self and M1KA as part of an entire M1 Team that is For All People moving forward in God’s kingdom.
  • Chemistry: Personality that connects with entire M1 team.  A team player that avoids silos.
  • Family is a regular attender and active participant in the life and services of M1 Church.
  • Position requires that you live within 15 minutes of the church facility. 


Lead Pastor

  • Pastor Mark and Pastor Sarah Lehman pastored in Pittsburg KS for 19 years, seeing the church grow from 30 to 540 in Sunday AM attendance.  They arrived at M1 July 2019.


  • Pre-COVID attendance was approximately 500. 
  • Culture:  A culture of execution with excellence and accountability is being developed. 


  • Mansfield is the largest city in the “Mid-Ohio" region of the state with a population of 47,000.  There is a population of 225,000 within 20 miles of the church.


  • Your salary will be competitive.  We review salaries every year.
  • Benefits include:  Insurance, Paid Time Off (PTO), retirement contribution, and sabbatical.

Is God possibly calling you to join us?

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    Full Time
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    M1 Church & Kids Academy
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    Religious Organization/Childcare
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1000 McPherson Street, Mansfield, OH 44903