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Ross and Megan Cochrell are happily married, young homeowners in nearby Wooster, Ohio. Like many young couples, their home reflected the nature of their youth.

“We were a typical young married couple,” said Megan, “with a hodge-podge of furniture that we had accumulated over the years.”

But Ross and Megan were ready to upgrade their home into a space that truly felt like them, not just a byproduct of their youth. So, they started where many do – Pinterest. Like so many others, the sheer volume of design options quickly became overwhelming and paralyzing.

The Cochrell’s weren’t just looking for a minor refresh of their space; they were going for a whole new design to create a truly cohesive space. They knew that they wanted to repaint, install new flooring, and find all new window coverings.

“We knew we wanted to buy some new items and incorporate some that we already had, but the whole idea of pulling everything together was simply overwhelming,” explained Megan.

“I am sure there are plenty of places that would have been willing to sell us products.” Megan continued, “But what we really needed was somebody to give us advice, to pull everything together in a cohesive design that was ‘us’.”

They knew exactly who to call – Julie McCready at McCready Interiors in Ontario, Ohio.

McCready’s design team, led by Julie, had recently helped the Cochrell’s design and furnish their new office location for their business, Cochrell Financial.

“We were so impressed that we hired them for our home project,” said Megan.

Co-owner and designer, Julie McCready, walked alongside the Cochrell’s from step one of the design process.

Julie wasn’t surprised to hear they felt overwhelmed after scouring Pinterest and was glad they knew to call her.

“People may be confused because they have spent so much time online looking at so many different ideas.” McCready continued, “Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it fits your home and your environment. You have to make sure that what you want to put into your home is going to fit and look right with your home.”

To ensure the right fit, McCready’s design team starts the process with a home visit. This process makes them different from most other home furnishing stores.

During the visit they will take measurements that they will use in the design process so everything is put to scale in the final design.

They will also sit with the client to learn more about them as people. “We ask clients about hobbies they have and things they like for design inspiration,” said Julie. “We like to have them take a step back and think about what they want their home to transform into.”

She asked Megan what brought her joy, and Megan talked about her boot collection.

“Some women collect stilettos, I collect cowboy boots,” said Megan. “I grew up showing horses and my husband and I live on a small farm where we raise cattle. As we began talking about designs and what I like and don’t like, Julie had the idea to take the inspiration from my top two or three favorite pairs of boots.  She used this to incorporate textures and patterns in the furniture and décor of our home. The final product, like my favorite boots, has a touch of western flare with a simple yet elegant country feel.”

Julie explained why she encourages clients to think about their interests that may not relate to home decor when designing a space.

“For Megan, her boot collection is comfortable to wear and live with. That’s how furniture and a home should feel.”

Without Julie’s suggestion, Megan said she never would have thought to take something like her boot collection and use that to design her home.

This out-of-the-box design inspiration is part of the total experience that McCready Interiors offers its clients.

“You don’t hire us to be safe,” said Julie. “If you want to partner with someone to give you a home and a look that is you, but also have someone who can give you professional advice - that’s what we do.”

After visiting the space and meeting with the client for design ideas, the McCready design team puts together a final design presentation for clients, which includes the furniture the clients have commissioned as well as accessories such as lamps and pillows.

“They’re in control of buying as little or as much as they want,” said Julie. “A vast majority of customers see the plan all the way through with us because our furniture and accessories are so affordable.”

This is what Ross and Megan did, and they couldn’t be happier with the final product.

“The customization was incredible,” said Megan. “The design and furniture we ended up with are one-of-a-kind. We didn’t want something right off a showroom floor; we wanted it to reflect us and our unique interests.  From the cow print barstools and pillows to the leather topped ottoman, we truly have a one of a kind design.”

Both Julie and Megan acknowledge there are cheaper options out there, but what McCready offers isn’t a cheap product. It’s one-of-a-kind furniture that lasts.

“We had been down the road of bargain store furniture that doesn’t hold up and looks cheap,” said Megan. “We were ready for pieces that we would invest in and have for many years to come.  All of the products we purchased from McCready were extremely affordable and we were very pleased with the amount of furniture we were able to buy for the money.”

“Customers are getting an heirloom piece rather than a landfill piece they can use as long as they want,” said Julie. “I liken it to a cell phone. You’ll spend $1,000 on a phone you’ll only own for two years. You can purchase a customized piece of furniture from us that will last while you use 4 different phones.”

McCready Interior’s prices are incredibly affordable for the quality. Sofas are completely customizable for as little as $899. Additionally, furniture comes with warranties to guarantee that your furniture will last. Frames and springs have lifetime warranties, and cushions have 10 year warranties. 

Julie stressed that the sky's the limit when you partner with McCready Interiors. Customers can come in with a concept and design in mind, or their designers can do the legwork for them. Design services are complementary when furniture is purchased from the store.

Usually when furniture must be sent out for design and construction, the process takes around 14-16 weeks. With McCready Interiors, it takes only 4-6 weeks. 

For Ross and Megan, McCready Interiors is an absolute must for anyone looking for lasting, custom furniture at an affordable price.

“In a world of big box stores and zero personalized service, McCready Interiors stands out as one of the few places you can go and actually receive help and advice without being sold something,” said Megan. Julie and her team spent countless hours understanding what we were looking for and helping us build out layouts, colors, textures and themes before they ever recommended a single product from their store.”

To learn more about McCready Interiors’ design services visit their website at or stop by to meet a design consultant at their location at 784 N. Lexington Springmill Rd., Ontario, OH.

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