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SHELBY -- In 2018, the Women’s Fund of The Shelby Foundation launched the “100 Women for Shelby” initiative. The goal was to bring 100 caring, giving women together who share a mutual goal of enriching our community.

The moral support of the community, coupled with the financial generosity of its citizens, will provide endless possibilities for the women in the greater Shelby area.

For the second year in a row, a percentage of the proceeds accumulated from the “100 Women for Shelby” annual membership drive will be distributed to fund programs in and around Shelby to promote intellectual, physical, emotional, social, economic and cultural growth for women.

Grant applications to the Women’s Fund should support and align with the Women’s Fund of The Shelby Foundation mission.

The Women’s Fund of The Shelby Foundation DOES support:

 Project grants

 Program development

 Seed money

 Equipment

 Matching/Challenge grants

 Capital campaigns

The Women’s Fund of The Shelby Foundation DOES NOT support:

 Individual grants

 Operating expenses

 Political purposes

 Religious organizations for religious purposes

 Cash reserves/debt reduction

 Annual campaigns

 Endowment funds

Grant recommendations by the “100 Women for Shelby” will be reviewed and approved by The Shelby Foundation Board of Directors.

To be considered to receive funds from the Women’s Fund of The Shelby Foundation, please submit a grant application by Jan. 31, 2021. Application can be found at the Foundation’s website at

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