This is how the portico of Westbrook Country Club would look in this artist's rendering.

For 105 years, Westbrook Country Club has served Richland County residents well with its pristine and devine golf course. The Westbrook Rising Campaign will continue to expand the club’s amenities to the current facility.

After raising $2.9 million through memberships alone, the Westbrook Country Club will be able to successfully manage a list of projects to improve the site including: a new poolscape on the east side of the building, room renovations inside the clubhouse and expanded landscaped parking area. 


An artist's rendering of the pool support building in the Westbrook Rising project.

“This poolscape will be the best new swimming pool area in North Central Ohio, and we will have it open by the end of May,” said Chriss Harris, development consultant. The new pool will be child friendly, providing zero entry and also connects to the main 25 meter competitive pool.

The country club currently has 364 members, but general manager Chris Bellamy would love to see more golfers and families enjoy the private club experience. The club expects to reach 500 members by 2022.  

Westbrook Country Club board member Rand Smith only recently became a board member in the past year, though he’s been a member of the club for 10 years now, holding both a social membership and a golf membership. Even still, he wishes he became a member much sooner. 

“I didn't join Westbrook at first because I just didn't think I would use it,” Smith said. “I'm a golfer and I like the social side of life, and Westbrook brings a lot of things in that realm, but at the time I was wrong in the fact that I thought I wouldn't use it. Once I got involved out there I used it a lot—an awful lot. So, it is a place where I would be safe in saying it is probably one of the finest golf courses in our central line.” 

With a group involved in strategic management, and more groups involved in setting the direction for the Westbrook Rising Project, Smith said many things have evolved and will continue to evolve. He only sees membership continuing to grow from now on with more opportunities for people to network, host business meetings and create special memories with their families. 

“All good country clubs are a mix of the social end and the sports side of the world, but also for country clubs to grow they need to grow with families,” Smith said. “And that means you bring families in with children and all of them progress with the club, as time goes on.”


This is an overall aerial view of the Westbrook Rising project from an artist's rendering.

There are two memberships available currently: active membership and social membership. With the active membership, members receive full family membership privileges, family pool privileges, full access to the 18-hole Donald Ross golf course and more. With social membership, members receive family membership privileges, family pool privileges, first class dining, invitations to social events hosted at the club and more.

“People are traveling less, so we're kind of the local all-in-one vacation for all families, with swimming pools, golf and premier dining options indoors and out, which is helpful in consideration of required social distancing at this time,” Bellamy said.  

Renovations to the Westbrook Country Club have already begun and will continue until May 2021. To find out more information, visit the Westbrook website or call 419-747-1556 ext. 3. 

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