Lock It Up Storage Nov 1
Lock it Up Storage will offer the following at Public Auction on Friday, Nov. 1st as a direct result of non payment of their account. The undersigned has been granted authority by legal procedure to sell the following but not limited to, at public auction, although the law of redemption applies in the above.
Lock It Up Storage, 260 Ashland Rd. Mansf. @ 11a.m.
Unit 32, belongings of Kaitlin Norris, last known address 215 S. Mulberry St. Mansf. Sofa, bicycle, chair, misc.
Keystone Storage, 420 Ashland Rd. Mansf. @ 11:15 a.m.
Unit 40, belongings of  Bobbi Swank, last known address 1618 Nantucket Dr. Mansf. Furniture, boxes, bicycles, misc.
Unit 24, belongings of Robert Valentine, last known address 14 ? Willow St. Delaware, Ohio, futon, tv's, computer monitor, toys, walker, air conditioner
Sunlite Laundry/Tanning & Storage, 1081 W. Longview Ave. Mansf. Noon
Unit 808, belongings of Antonio Barrett, last known address 378 Jade St. Mansf. Moped, 4 wheeler, tv, truck tool box, pressure washer
Unit 545, belongings of Christian Green, last known address 272 Lennox Ave. Mansf. Girls bike, bed frame, mirror
Unit 623, belongings of Rebecca Ratliff, last known address 170 E. Second, Perrysville, boys bike, microwave, tv, guitar
Unit 734, belongings of Rhonda Richmond, last known address 11019 Sixteenth Rd. Argos, ID. Boxes, bedding, clothing
Unit 908, belongings of Tabitha Clayton, last known address 1101 Orange St. Ashland. Misc household items, furnishings
Lock It Up West, 1201 W. Longview Mansf. 12:30
Unit 614, belongings of Amanda Boggs, last known address 139 W. Dickson Ave.  Mansf. Sofa, chair, totes
Unit 2040, belongings of Gloria Campbell, last known address 626 Candlewood Trl. Mansf. Totes, boxes
Unit 519, belongings of Mark Crawford, last known address 145 E. Cook Rd. Mansf. Pictures, exercise equip.
Unit A221, belongings of Shelbie DeWitt, last known address 352 Boston Ave. Mansf. Bar stools, sofa, washer, refrigerator
Unit 237, belongings of Caylee Lomax, last known address 1594 Sassafras Dr. Mansf. Dresser, totes
Unit 5016, belongings of Patricia Malone, last known address 258 Village Green Dr. Nashville, TN sofa, love seat, night stand, boxes
Unit 621, belongings of Sonia McCrary, last known address 478 W. Cook Rd. Mansf. Chairs, end tables
Unit 1053, belongings of Amanda Price, last known address 42 E. Raleigh Ave. Mansf. Washer, dryer, tv, chair, clothes
Unit 1008, belongings of Amber Rachel, last known address 523 Central Ave. Mansf. Microwave, toaster oven, vacuum cleaner
Unit A108, belongings of Cedric Taylor, last known address 1392 Frederick Crt. Mansf Golf clubs, hutch, bags
Unit 9034 belongings of David Ward, last known address PO Box 354, Marion, OH sofa
Unit 532, belongings of  Tirus Bradley, last known address county road 22, Evergreen, Al. box springs, exercise equip. boxes, totes

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