MANSFIELD, Ohio -- Vasu Communications celebrated its 20th year of business in wireless communication in Mansfield this week.

Mayor Tim Theaker congratulated the business on the milestone and praised them for many years of service to the local community. The company provides radio communication equipment and systems.

The open house, which is held annually at the Mansfield location on North Main Street, allowed customers to learn about the latest products sold by Vasu, meet the manufacturer representatives and take a tour of the facility.

Husband and wife Alan and Donna Vasu started the company 45 years ago in Avon, Ohio.

"It just grew from there," Alan said. "We expanded down into this area when we put the 911 center in. That would have been about '95."

Both the Mansfield and Avon offices cover about a 60-mile radius, he said.

He said they serve "pretty much anybody who uses radios," whether public safety agencies, businesses, schools, farmers, among others.

And while some may claim radios are a thing of the past, Alan argues otherwise.

"Everybody thought when cell phones came out that radios would go away, but that's never happened," he said. "It's actually been growing for the last four or five years."

He described their services as "inclusive," noting, "Obviously we do the mobiles and portables, but we also do things like build and service towers."

He added that they outfit agencies with various pieces of equipment, including cameras, intercom systems and access control systems.

"We can take a plain white or black Chevy Impala, Ford Taurus, something along that line, and make it into a police cruiser," General Manager Arlin Bradford said.

Bradford said the company also helped the Mansfield Police Department make the switch to MARCS radios, which has helped broaden the department's communication range, he said.

"We're in the forefront of technology," Bradford said.

He said the company is continually adapting to new technology.

"We're constantly in training and webinars, he said.

"Every month, we take two hours and do training with every one of our staff. We pick a topic and train on that topic. And when a new radio comes out, we work with our staff to make sure they understand how it works, so when they're out in the field they can explain it to the customers."

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