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ASHLAND – Transformation Network has announced their active pursuit of opportunities to serve the construction sector by participating in the Greater Louisville Inc.’s Workforce: Construction event on July 11 at Buffalo Construction, based in Louisville.

This event is for Human Resource professionals and leaders within the Constructions and Skilled Trades Industries and includes presentations and round table breakouts between employers and a number of training providers, including the Transformation Network.

“Some workers are wondering, some are wandering. They’re wondering if there’s a better job or company out there and others are just wandering from job to job and looking for more purpose in their lives," said Dan Phillip, President and Founder of Transformation Network. "Like all employers, the construction sector is looking to develop a pipeline of dependable, capable workers and over our twenty years, we’ve discovered a way to develop that.

“There are no perfect new hires, only people and companies willing to determine a fit and we’re thrilled to be moving further into the Kentucky markets with real solutions.”

Recognizing 20 years of providing Jobs and transforming lives, Transformation Network is a nonprofit workforce development organization focused on improving lives, strengthening business, and building communities. The company is headquartered in Ashland with additional offices in Mansfield and Clyde along with Clarksville, Indiana.

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