Lock It Up Storage Jan 10, 2020
Lock It Up Storage will offer the following at public auction on Friday, Jan. 10th as a direct result of non-payment of their account. The undersigned has been granted authority by legal procedure to sell the following, but not limited to, at public auction, although the law of redemption applies in the above. 
Keystone Storage, 420 Ashland Rd., Mansfield at 11 am 
Unit 15, belongings of Terri Barido, last known address 199 Harker St., Mansfield. Couch, recliner, bed, boxes, air conditioners, shelves, totes
Unit 30 and 35 (sold separately), belongings of James Richardson, last known address 410 Wood St., Mansfield. #30, lots of tools. #35, lots of tools, furniture, engine parts, saws
Sunlite Laundry/Tanning & Storage, 1081 W. Longview Rd., Mansfield at noon    
Unit 335, belongings of Jeff Hamm, last known address 466 Hanna Rd., Mansfield. Boots, kids drum set, toys
Unit 323, belongings of Nicole Hanlon, last known address 352 W. 4th St., Mansfield. Totes, computer monitor
Unit 407, belongings of Frank Jenkins, last known address 630 Ferndale Rd., Mansfield. Arcade games, weight bench, tires
Unit 303, belongings of Megan McIntyre, last known address 743 Concord, Mansfield. Tv stand, end tables
Lock It Up West, 1201 W. Longview Mansfield at 12:30 pm
Unit 633, belongings of Christina Burtnett, last known address 405 Sherman Pl., Mansfield. Lawn mower, boxes
Unit 621, belongings of Sonia McCrary, last known address 478 E. Cook Rd., Mansfield. Table, washer, dryer
Unit 6060, belongings of Stacy Smith, last known address 839 W. 3rd St., Mansfield. 
Unit 230, belongings of Makilah Williams, last known address 303 Newman St., Mansfield. Tires, rims, table, totes

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