Three women advance to new roles at Source Media Properties and Source Brand Solutions

Three team members have advanced to enable Source Media Properties and Source Brand Solutions to better serve their audiences, share thought leadership, and scale.

Creating innovative ways to engage community members and support organizations is a guiding principle for Source Media Properties and Source Brand Solutions. As of Aug. 23, three team members have taken on new roles within the company, and their work will have a significant impact on north central Ohio and beyond.

Angie Cirone pivoted from her position as Sales Director to become the Director of Journalism Sustainability. She will work collaboratively across the organization to lead Source Memberships, Newsroom Partnerships, and other community investment projects for Richland Source, Ashland Source and Knox Pages. The entire organization is focused on the newsroom being funded by the communities it serves. This new role means that goal can be accelerated and achieved by 2023.

Audrey Longstreth will co-lead the continued growth and development of the full-service digital marketing agency that is part of the Source Media family. As the Director of Client Coaching and Strategy of Source Brand Solutions, she will lead the day-to-day efforts to connect with and serve a local, regional and national client base. In addition, she will continue to work with clients for coaching and marketing strategy.

In addition to her work as an Account Executive, Leah Gesouras will take on supplemental responsibility as the Community Engagement Coordinator, serving all Richland, Ashland and Knox Counties. She’ll connect with or help to develop opportunities for meaningful community service or engagement that aligns with the company’s values.

“As a company, we’ve poured time and resources into these three areas over the past several years,” said company President Jay Allred. “Now it’s time to leverage our collective expertise, feedback and lessons learned. I am confident Angie, Audrey, and Leah will help take the company to the next level.”

Readers can anticipate more opportunities to engage with Richland Source, Ashland Source and Knox Pages in the coming months. Cirone and Gesouras will each focus on ways to amplify the news properties and make connections with community members.

Longstreth will work closely with the Source Brand Solutions team to help organizations grow and thrive through results-driven marketing plans. Businesses in north central Ohio and throughout the U.S. can benefit from workshops and services.

“We’ve always been a company that proactively evolves based on audience feedback and market data,” Allred said. “Our reporting and marketing solutions deliver real-world impact that strengthens our communities.”

The local, independent online news and marketing industries evolve quickly. These roles will enable Source Media Properties and Source Brand Solutions to develop the expertise to better serve their audiences, share thought leadership, and scale.

Cirone, Longstreth and Gesouras welcome community insight on their initiatives. Sign up to receive updates from Richland Source, Ashland Source, Knox Pages or Source Brand Solutions.

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