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LOUDONIVLLE -- Over a decade ago, thoughts of opening a discount grocery store crossed the mind of Sandie Stanton. After years of planning, the StoreHouse has been brought to life.

The StoreHouse is owned by a collaborate of three families: Charles "Bud" and Sandie Stanton, Gary and Patty Forbes, and Rob and Bethany Paterson. 

“What brought us together was a common appreciation for discount grocery,” said Bethany Paterson. "The idea of discount grocery is that instead of letting a product go to waste, we make it available again!"

Located at 16531 State Route 3 in Loudonville, the StoreHouse specializes in nonperishable food items, including Gluten-free options. The managers also try to keep a decent-sized inventory of health and beauty products as well as some pet-care items. 

Paterson explained the benefits of shopping at a discount grocery store such as the Storehouse.

“By FDA standards and health department standards, your giant national chains have only so long to sell an item, which is shown as the ‘Sell By’ date," said Paterson. "Just because an item surpasses that date does not impact the quality of the item itself. 

"Without discount groceries, a lot of that product goes to waste and it’s perfectly good food."

Until recently, discount grocery stores were primarily operated by Amish families. 

The StoreHouse, acquires its inventory through overstocked items and items that have slightly damaged packaging (often referred to as Bent n' Dents) from national grocery corporations such as Giant Eagle, Meijer's, Food Lion and Kroger. 

These companies will box up products deemed unsellable in mainstream storefronts into banana boxes. Discount groceries are then given the opportunity to bid on pallets of 24 shrink-wrapped banana boxes during actions held at warehouses. 

“The dates on items are so confusing," Paterson said. "There’s a ‘Sell by’ date, a ‘Best if used by’ date, an ‘effective’ date; but very few of them are actually expiration dates.

“One of the things that sets the Storehouse apart from other discount groceries is that it is not uncommon for us to figure out what our repeat patronization is looking for and specifically watch for those products."

Inventory is constantly being renewed, so owners encourage customers to make biweekly visits to see new merchandise.

The StoreHouse is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The store is closed on Sundays.

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