29th Annual Catalyst Rehab Telethon

The annual Catalyst Rehab Telethon, presented by WMFD TV, is close to three decades in running, but the outpouring of generosity and support never fails to humble and inspire us. As a multifaceted organization dedicated to the overall improvement of our clients’ lives, it is encouraging to know that not only do we stand behind our clients but that an entire community is standing with them.

A vibrant community was on full display this past Saturday at The Richland Mall as performers, guests, hosts, donors, volunteers, local restaurants, partner organizations, and businesses all pitched in to make the day a success. In fact, they made this year the most successful Telethon to date with $116,386 raised when we went off-air and more donations still coming in.

Nick Gesouras has served as the Telethon’s Committee Chair for five years and is an instrumental source of behind-the-scenes fundraising, attributes the Telethon’s evolving prosperity to the faithful support of longtime donors.

“I think it shows the resiliency of the event and the vital role the organization plays in our area.” Gesouras noted that many donors doubled their donation amounts from previous years and that he continues to reach new funding sources. “It’s as strong as ever. I’m looking forward to the milestone of our 30th year next year.”

As support for the Telethon grows, so does Catalyst’s ability to provide vital services. Monies raised at this year’s event will plug important gaps, covering insurance and payment shortfalls, for people who may not otherwise be able to receive the help they need.

All who donated, whether it be five dollars or five thousand dollars, are part of our collective success. A success that gives the family in crisis the ability to seek counseling. A success that gives the hard-of-hearing individual the resource of an interpreter as they navigate their daily lives. A success which includes bringing a much-needed withdrawal management center, which opened in January 2020, and women’s residential facility, which opened in November 2019, to the area.

These two facilities, in additions to the men’s residential facility, make up the New Beginnings Treatment Campus. The withdrawal management center has already seen 31 admissions successfully pass through its doors and had 4 babies born drug free to mothers in recovery at the women’s residential treatment facility. It is in these ways, and countless others, that every call placed and ever dollar pledged allows us to continue in our mission.

“Words aren’t enough,” said Catalyst CEO, Laura Montgomery. “So much time and effort goes into pulling a day like this off. I’m beyond grateful to all the donors, phone bank volunteers, businesses and funding sources. We couldn’t do what we do without their support.”

Our community partners and supporters give to us long after the music and balloons have left the stage. They extend our cause throughout the year, through casual conversations and client referrals, and by helping us bust stigmas and shining a light on the individuals and issues which are not always seen. We raised more than money this Saturday. We raised awareness. And that, according to Catalyst Board Member, Kyle Bierly, is what accounts for the Telethons’s growing reach and success.

So, from everyone here at Catalyst Life Services, we thank you!

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