Bryan Schutjer

Bryan Schutjer

MANSFIELD -- Jerry Holden, CEO of THA Brands and The Holden Agency, has announced the addition of Bryan Schutjer to its Board of Directors.

THA Brands was formed by Holden in 2019. Assembled with the goal of customer convenience, THA Brands encompasses the services of real estate (The Holden Agency), (THA Realty, nationwide), capital and commercial lending (THA Capital), mortgages (THA Mortgage), and title services (THA Title) within one company.

Jerry Holden, CEO of THA Brands

Jerry Holden, CEO of THA Brands.

Through THA Brands, Holden has introduced a new, dynamic approach to real estate services in Ohio markets by providing seamless, comprehensive operations for the benefit of its customers.

As THA Brands continues its expansion, Holden sought to add an individual to his board that had a passion and successful track-record for accelerating and scaling businesses.

Bryan Schutjer is a long-time executive with three decades of high-level business experience, Holden stated. Schutjer has worked in the industries of real estate, relocation, moving, insurance, technology, and finance. His career has been underscored by positions ranging from leading early-stage high-growth firms to managing large divisions within public corporations.

He has also held executive posts with noteworthy companies such as Safeware Corporation, Artisan Investments, Ultra-Scan Corporation,, Bekins Van Lines, North American Van Lines, and Mayflower Van Lines.

THA Brands logo

By adding Schutjer to the Board of Directors, THA Brands plans to scale its business model nationally.

“Bryan is a tremendous individual with an impressive resume of helping companies grow,” Holden stated. “His knowledge and high level of business acumen will help propel THA Brands’ expansion into new markets, and strengthen the services and convenience that we provide to our customers.”

Change in the real estate business model is omnipresent,: Schutlier said.

"Jerry has articulated an exciting vision for THA Brands that remains faithfully client-centric while balancing the human-touch with leading-edge technology,” Schutjer said. “I’m proud to be teaming up with such a talented organization.”

Schutjer is a frequent public speaker. Related topics include: relocation trends, contemporary changes in relocation policy, and service innovations that affect workforce talent mobility. His educational background includes Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and Culver Academies in Culver, IN.

He also holds his Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) designation from the Worldwide ERC®.

To learn more about the services available through THA Brands, visit, or contact THA Brands at 419-525-5525.

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