Temp2Higher is located at 31 E. Fourth St. in downtown Mansfield next to City Grille. 

MANSFIELD, Ohio — This is not the first time a non-profit organization has joined forces with a for-profit business. But NECIC and Temp2Higher hope their model becomes the blueprint for others in the workforce development industry.

“We think this could be a community solution to workforce development,” North End Community Improvement Collaborative Project Lead Mary Bolin said.

Bolin has 28 years experience in the workforce development industry. She most recently served as CEO of My Town Partners, a for-profit consulting firm devoted to providing employers and prospective employees with services in recruitment and training. She now works for NECIC as Temp2Higher’s project lead.

Temp2Higher is a social venture staffing solution, according to a press release issued by NECIC. The project attempts to fix problems faced by employers and those seeking permanent work.

“Employers talk about not being able to find good workers in this community. And they don’t usually define it by skill, they define a good worker as attendance," Bolin said. "People are missing work, they're absent, they’re not returning to work.”

But she said the problem is deeper than that. She described the issue as one characterized by workers trapped in poverty.

“They’re entering entry-level positions and they’re coming to work with a lot of barriers in their life," Bolin explained. "They typically have issues with transportation, they have issues with childcare. So they miss work. When they miss work, they lose their job.”

She hopes Temp2Higher will help employers find permanent workers — and this hope becomes possible with NECIC’s involvement, Bolin said.

“We feel like joining the for-profit and the non-profit model is advantageous to both employer and the employee because we’re able to bring some of the resources that a non-profit can bring,” NECIC Founder and Director of Strategic Development Deanna West-Torrence said.

Although NECIC’s focus narrows in on improving the lives of those in Mansfield’s North End, both West-Torrence and Bolin stressed the Temp2Higher project expands to the greater Mansfield and Richland County community.

Around 10 NECIC employees, including Bolin and West-Torrence, will be devoted to providing services to individuals from 31 E. Fourth St. in downtown Mansfield. According to the press release, Temp2Higher currently has job openings available and they encourage those interested in applying to visit their location on East Fourth Street.

Those services will include training for job seekers, coaching, supportive services, advancement opportunities and employers can expect qualified temporary workers, increased productivity, decreased error rates and fewer turnover rates.

For more information, visit their website or call 419-522-1611.

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