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Stephanie Zader considers herself more of a Real Estate Concierge than just another Real Estate agent, and with this, she tailors every experience to fit her clients needs.

When you’re placed in a foster system, you never know where you’ll end up or what you’ll be doing.

That was the case with Stephanie Zader, who at age 10, was busy playing in the basement of her new home at the Hatley residence. She didn’t realize at the time, however, that location was going to set her up for a successful career path decades later.

The downstairs served as an office for property management and real estate. So Zader began seeing the ins-and-outs of the business and loved how much of ones own time you could control.

“My foster dad was always around, and I saw that flexibility, and thought it would make a great career choice,” Zader said.

With that motivation and after some wishful planning, Zader landed her first job in the property game, cleaning out units between turns. That gave her a sense of how valuable a good tenant could be and how all-encompassing property management was.

She continued working on turns until age 15, when she was moved to another family. This time, coincidentally, they owned several businesses including a mortgage company, so she was able to see the financial transaction side of real estate.

Growing up without a permanent home, Zader knew that once she graduated high school, she would be on her own, with no one or no place on which to fall back.

“I worked and saved money all through high school. I realized, when I was 18, I was on my own. I had about $10,000 and bought my first home,” Zader said.

Four years later, she was dipping her toes into owning investment properties of her own with her boyfriend (now husband), Gabe Zader. Then, a life change happened that moved her and her husband to Texas.

Much like most of Zader’s relocations, there were hidden career paths laid within. Texas turned out to be extremely beneficial, as Keller Williams, the largest broker in the world, had a huge operation in Texas, and they were looking to expand one of their teams in her area.

Zader made great connections within the Keller Williams organization, and truly learned the real estate profession from one of the world’s best teachers.

Fast forward to the present, where Zader and her husband have moved back to Mansfield, looking to apply those practices to the north central Ohio market.

Zader considers herself more of a Real Estate Concierge than just another Real Estate agent, and with this, she tailors every experience to fit her clients needs. One way she is tailoring the experience is by offering a 4% commission on her contracts. Along with the savings on the commission, her in-house team offers a full array of services including drone footage, 360 walk-throughs, professional photography and more.

After all these years, one thing remains the same for Zader: “I don’t work for anyone but my clients.”

Looking to buy or sell a home, interested in investment properties or commercial, contact Stephanie Zader at 419-612-9892 or via email at

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