Delaine Weiner

Delaine Weiner works as a marketing assistant for for Gorman Rupp Industries. 

After working in a factory job in her teens and going into graphic design during her twenties, Delaine Weiner from Mansfield needed a change. 

She went back to college at 30, deciding to get an associate degree in marketing and graduated in 2018 at the top of her class. However, even with that success, she still needed help after five months of searching for a long-term job to provide for her family. 

One day, as she scrolled through her graphic design Facebook group page, she stumbled across a job post from one of her former professors. A recruiter was looking to fill a marketing assistant position at Gorman Rupp Industries. 

Spherion recruiters

At Spherion Mid Ohio, Professional and Direct Hire recruiters work hard to get you the job you’ve had your eyes on as quickly as they can. 

It was the perfect job, the job for Weiner. But even so, she still needed to ace the interviews, create a killer resume and earn her way into the position. 

After applying for the job, Weiner was immediately put in touch with Jessica Johnson, professional recruiter for Spherion Mid Ohio. 

“I didn’t think about using a service like Spherion because I thought it was just a temp service. I didn’t know they had other types of jobs, like career-type jobs,” Weiner said. 

Weiner stuck out from the several other candidates in Johnson’s eyes. 

“She was articulate, confident, yet humble, extremely ambitious and was just a pure joy to sit and speak with,” Johnson explained. “She offered a portfolio of the work she had completed while in school, and I was very impressed with what she was bringing to the table.” 

After interviewing with Johnson and doing an in-person interview with Spherion Mid Ohio the next day, Weiner was immediately put to the front of the line of other candidates and given an interview with Gorman Rupp Industries the very next day. 

“It was a quick process, and I did not want to lose her in the job market,” Johnson recalled. 

And luckily, Johnson made the right call. Weiner was offered the position on the same day as the interview. 

“That’s pretty unheard of when it comes to that type of job, at least in my industry and what I had been taught,” Weiner said. “Companies don’t usually jump that fast, so I was amazed at how fast they took me.” 

Jeremiah Gibson, human resources representative at Gorman Rupp Industries, said he knew that hiring Weiner based on her marketing experience and background would bring a lot of new opportunities for Gorman Rupp’s marketing team. 

“That was a big positive to bringing her on board and she has done an excellent job,” Gibson said. “She’s been on the team, she has worked a lot on product videos and social media... and truly getting us a better presence, not only in the social media world, but just in general in terms of marketing our brand and our product line and our business.” 

Gibson, who’s worked with Spherion for a while, said he’s had tremendous success in getting good temporary employees as well as direct hires by using their service. 

“They’ve (Spherion) done a great job at really screening candidates and looking at what we’re looking for in an employee. I think they mirror our hiring process and how we do things pretty well,” Gibson said. 

Spherion Mid Ohio's Professional and Direct Hire division

Spherion Mid Ohio's Professional and Direct Hire division located in Ontario. 

At Spherion Mid Ohio, a team of excellent Professional and Direct Hire recruiters work hard to get you the job you’ve had your eyes on as quickly as they can. With invested relationships of over 200 employers throughout the nine counties they serve, Spherion Mid Ohio will connect you with those local jobs that keep you in the area. 

Using Spherion Mid Ohio allows you to have a seat at the interview table, instead of being stuck in a pile of resume's on the desk of the HR department.

After so many years of trying to figure out where her life was headed, Weiner found the job of her dreams and has no plans of ever leaving it thanks to Spherion Mid Ohio. 

“The whole process at Spherion was a very pleasant experience. If I had to do it again to find a job like this, I would definitely go through them again,” she said. 

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