Source Brand Solutions event

Source Brand Solutions hosts event in Idea Works. 

During times of uncertainty, finding a new normal can be hard. Learning how to operate a business remotely or semi-remotely can be a big challenge.

Scott Donnenwirth, CEO of GrOhio, who’s been working on audience engagement through marketing, has not stopped working, even in crisis mode. 

When he turned to Source Brand Solutions eight months ago, hoping to break into the era of using social media as a tool for engaging more audiences and growing his business, he was pleasantly surprised. 

“One of our goals was to improve our communication with members, so we think with the web page and Facebook we’re doing that, and we did that because of the help from (Source Brand Solutions),” Donnenwirth said.  

Source Brand Solutions events

A full room of businesses pack Idea Works during a Source Brand Solutions event. 

Since working with Source Brand Solutions, Donnenwirth said he’s seen satisfying results as audience engagement continues to increase. 

“So many businesses have done the hard work of pivoting their messaging and operations due to Covid-19. We are available to offer guidance on how to reach your customers now and when non-essential businesses open again,” said business development director Angie Cirone.

Source Brand Solutions listens to their customers first and develops solutions in order to further businesses goals. Through any situation, they work with clients to adapt a plan that correlates with the trajectory and change of their business. 

Staying on the pulse of current trends and best practices in digital marketing, Source Brand Solutions makes sure the businesses they work with are up to date. 

"The key is using digital marketing tools so businesses not only survive, but thrive,” said Adam Fox, operations manager at Source Brand Solutions. “Your company still has to hit its key metrics, get leads, people in the door, sales, etc.”

As the marketing agency continues to grow and work with many different businesses, it’s successfully reached the right kinds of audiences, making clients such as Donnenwirth confident their marketing works and can be positioned for long-term growth. 

“It's all about strategy backed by analytics and numbers, so every month, we can show the success of the campaign, without any doubt or confusion,” Fox said. 

Through any situation his business might find itself in, Donnenwirth knows he has a source he can rely on. 

“They’ve been helpful with a lot of things, with our marketing, with our Facebook. Anytime you have a question, they seem to be able to help us answer it,” Donnenwirth said.

Contact Source Brand Solutions here to inquire about customized marketing and advertising solutions for your business. 


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