Snow making at Snow Trails

Snow Trails Ski Resort began making snow on Nov. 7, 2019, topping the previous record of earliest snow making, which was Nov. 13, by six days.

BELLVILLE -- Plans for snowmaking began Thursday night, when the temperatures dropped to around 29 degrees Fahrenheit. That bested the previous Snow Trails record by six days. Previously, the earliest campaign on record began Nov. 13th, 2014.

Getting a jump on stockpiling a solid snow base is the goal.

"When we’re into November and see a window of downward trending temps looking consistent for a few nights, and more to come in the following week, we are calling-in the Crew to take advantage of it," the resort noted in a press release.

Typically snowmaking begins around Thanksgiving with sights set on an Opening Day to follow in early December. Early campaigns help to ensure a quality snow base and the potential for an early opening.

More balance and predictable winter temperatures tend to follow as the calendar flips to December.

"Knowing Jet Stream cycles can come and go, we take advantage of cool air as it dips into the Ohio valley creating ideal snowmaking temperatures," the resort stated. "Knowing warm air may follow in days to come, stockpiling is key for us to get a jump on snowmaking.

"When consistent winter weather is in the weeks forecast, and we have produced enough snow to spread and construct the base of snow across the Resort, we will announce Opening Day for our 59th Winter Season of 2019-’20 here at Snow Trails. Our Crew will continue with additional snowmaking throughout the winter to ensure coverage of all terrain and special facilities, not being reliant on any measurable amount of natural snowfall, to keep the fun going for you! Follow the Snowmaking Crew on our Live Web Cams."

On Saturday, Nov. 9, the resort welcomes the public for a free preseason party event, with doors opening at 7 p.m. A fireworks show begins at 8 p.m., and live band “The Thirsty Travelers” will on-stage in The Snowflake Loft at 9 p.m.

Snow Trails is currently interviewing candidates for winter employment and still accepting applications in all departments.

"We're happy to boost the local economy with visitors and providing jobs to nearly 500 employees each winter," the resort stated. "Snow Trails season typically runs December through mid-March."

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