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MANSFIELD -- The Richland Area Chamber of Commerce encourages residents to shop small for those on their holiday list this year. Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24 marks a day to support local business, win prizes, and enjoy time with family and friends.

Shoppers can print a Prize Passport from as a guide to locating the 111 participating businesses. The Passport can be stamped at each location that a shopper visits. Each additional stamp increases a shoppers chance of winning a raffle prize donated by a participating business.

While American Express started Small Business Saturday in 2010, the Prize Passport program started in 2015 and is unique to the local area.

Partnering with the Chamber again this year are the Ontario Growth Association, Main Street Books, the Shelby Area Business Group, Be Focal Buy Local, Downtown Mansfield Inc. and The Clear Fork Valley Chamber of Commerce. Medical Mutual is a financial supporter of the program.

“The Chamber staff, our volunteers, and collaborating partners invest a great deal of time and energy into the Small Business Saturday Passport program because it’s so important to remind shoppers to include small businesses into their shopping plans,” Marketing and Communications Coordinator Angie Fanello said. “Shopping at small businesses helps create jobs in the community, helps keep tax dollars local, and shoppers often find unique products they wouldn’t find elsewhere.”

Each participant receives hand-delivered signage, a supply of Passports, a stamp, and swag to excited business owners and team members. All small businesses in the county were encouraged to participate at no charge, regardless of their Chamber member status. Each business was asked to donate a prize for the drawing, giving shoppers over 100 chances to win.

“Hand-delivering the Passport items gives us a great opportunity to visit small businesses and to see what’s new in their stores. We also take a picture during the visit so we can promote the participants on social media,” Fanello said.

Business owners have expressed feeling supported by Small Business Saturday.

“Having the Small Business Saturday Passport is important because it shows the awesome people that are supporting the local business owners at their location and allows people to see if there are new businesses in the area,” said Stacie Whitehair of the Urban Barn & Country Decor. “In addition and equally important, it's fun to look around at all the amazing businesses we have here in Richland County.”

Llalan Fowler of Main Street Books said the day shows how much residents care about their community.

“Small Business Saturday is one of our favorite days at the bookstore because the people shopping with us are doing so much more than finding the newest trendy thing - they're here to give to their friends and family and give back to their community at the same time,” Fowler said. “We know it's easier to shop online and appreciate every single person who is willing to come to our physical store and support their neighbors.”

Holly Troupe of The Boot Life emphasized the fun aspects of the day.

“The Passport program for Small Business Saturday is like a scavenger hunt for adults!” Troupe said. “It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with the ones you love while enjoying the amazing local businesses of our community. The Boot Life looks forward to participating in the Passport program each year because of its ability to help cultivate long-lasting relationships. It is truly a special time.”

The participating businesses of the Prize Passport program include the following, listed in alphabetical order:

ABC Kitchen, 320 ½ E. Main St., Lexington. Phone: 419-884-7189

Allure Studios Hair and Day Spa– Mansfield, 491 Lexington Ave, Mansfield. Phone: 419-774-9600.

Allure Studios Hair and Day Spa – Lexington, 306 East Main St., Lexington. Phone: 419-884-3333. 

Alta Florist and Greenhouse - Mansfield, 935 S. Home Rd., Mansfield. Phone: 419-529-2792.

Appleseed ACE Hardware, 1515 Lexington Ave., Mansfield. Phone: 419-756-8340.

Athens Greek Restaurant - Mansfield, 41 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-524-5620.

Athens Greek Restaurant - Ontario, 43 Lex Springmill Rd., Ontario. Phone: 419-589-4976.

Alta Floral - Shelby, 71 West Main St., Shelby. Phone: 419-347-3470.

Bake My Day, 840 N. Lexington-Springmill Rd, Ontario. Phone: 419-747-1005.

Bellville Flowers & Gifts, 72 Main St., Bellville. Phone: 419-886-4810.

Blackbird Bakery, 105 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-1521.

Bridal by B, 714 Richland Mall, Ontario. Phone: 419-529-2009.

Carol & Carolyn's Decorating and Gifts, 118 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-347-7876

Carrousel Antiques, 118 N. Main St., Mansfield.  Phone: 419-522-0230.

Carson Travel, 65 S Mill St., Building B, Lexington. Phone: 419-884-7440.

Chickadee by Hannah B, 702 Richland Mall, Ontario. Phone: 567-217-1556.

City News/Suzy's Smokeroom, 100 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-524-0261.

Clothes Mentor, 800 N. Lex Springmill Rd., Ontario. Phone: 567-560-5393.

Connie's Place, 24 W. Main St., Shelby. Phone: 419-545-1458.

Coolest Shop in Town, 57 W. Main St., Shelby. Phone: 419-342-0065.

Cornerstone Merchandise, 7316 Amstutz Rd., Shiloh. Phone: 419-896-2110.

Crafty Clutter, 305 E. Main St. #4., Lexington. Phone: 419-884-1901.

Crossroads Factory Store, Richland Mall, Ontario. Phone: 886-247-0156.

Crowe's Shoes Inc., 56 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2431.

Deer Ridge Golf Club/Black Dog Tavern, 900 Comfort Plaza, Bellville. Phone: 419-886-7090.

Don Nash Limited, 23 E. Third St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-524-8238. 

East of Chicago, 163 Mansfield Avenue, Shelby. Phone: 419-342-7888.

Element of Art Studio/Gallery, 96 N Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2965.

Elzy Milling and Trade, 25 E. Ogle St, Bellville. Phone: 419-886-3840.

Floral Garden Florist, 74 Lexington Ave., Mansfield. Phone: 419-289-8003.

F. S. Chocolatiers, 840 N Lexington Springmill Rd (Inside PurseSnickety), Mansfield. Phone: 419-747-5898. 

Glam Loft 419, 1216 Lexington Ave., Mansfield. Phone: 419-982-0921.

Glen's Surplus, 14 E. Smiley Ave. Shelby. Phone: 419-347-1212 ext. 3

Green Pastures Cottage at A Heritage House Furniture & Gifts, 1170 Lexington Ave., Mansfied. Phone: 419-571-1948.

Habitat For Humanity Restore, 2151 Stumbo Rd S, Ontario. Phone: 419-524-8416. 

Hales Sport Center Inc., 1400 Harrington Memorial Rd., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-8602. 

Haven Salon & Spa, 105 Main St., Bellville. Phone: 419-961-1766.

Healthy Transformation, 42 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 614-371-3714. 

Holly’s Book Rack, 1464 Lex. Ave., Mansfield. Phone: 419-756-2667.

Janet's Floral Design, 4169 Park Ave. West, Ontario. Phone: 419-529-9739.

Kingwood Center Gardens, 50 Trimble Rd., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-0211. 

K&S Bent & Dent Groceries, 54 E. Main St., Shelby. Phone: 419-543-2049. 

Lasercraft Enterprises Glass Studio, 591 Park Avenue West, Mansfield. Phone: 419-524-6700. 

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum, 44 W. Fourth St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2332.

Locust Corners Bulk Food and Deli, 6917 Ankneytown Rd, Bellville. Phone: 419-886-3300.

Lula Roe -- Maxine Jordan, 471 Sloan Ave., Mansfield. Phone: 419-632-5602.

Main Street Books, 104 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2665.

Mallory's Treasures, 21 E. Main St., Shelby. Phone: 419-571-4583. 

Main Street Market, 280 East Main St., Lexington. Phone: 419-884-7546.

McCready Interiors/Norwalk The Furniture Idea, 784 N. Lexington-Springmill Rd., Ontario. Phone: 419-747-7055.

Metronome Music, 40 S. Trimble Road, Mansfield. Phone: 419-526-3838.

Miller's Diamond Jewelry, 1442 Lexington Ave., Mansfield. Phone: 419-756-8700.

Mrs. B's Beautiful Foods, 1393 Lexington Ave, Mansfield. Phone: 419-756-9999.

My Floors by Prints & Paints/Flooring America, 888 Bucyrus Road, Galion. 419-462-5663.

Nelly’s Hideaway, 3717 Park Ave. West, Ontario. Phone: 419-529-6131. 

Nicholls Furniture Express, 1581 W. Fourth St., Ontario. Phone: 419-529-6070. 

Oak Park Tavern & Restaurant, 2919 State Route 430 East, Mansfield. Phone: 419-589-2637. 

Ohio Bird Sanctuary, 3774 Orweiler Road, Mansfield. Phone: 419-884-4295.

Old Carolina Barbecue Co., 2035 W 4th St, Ontario. Phone: 419-529-0680.

Old Soul Attire & Records, 106 N Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2313. 

Petit Tresor Boutique, 1680 S Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-1225. 

Planktown Hardware & More, 8117 Planktown N. Rd., Shiloh. Phone: 419-896-3581. 

Plato’s Closet, 787 North Lex Springmill Rd., Ontario. Phone: 419-709-9521.

Pony Powersports Mansfield, 327 Ashland Rd, Mansfield. Phone: 614-806-7265.

Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food Co., 1625 Executive Dr., Mansfield. Phone: 419-525-5500.

Pursesnickety Gift Boutique, 840 N Lexington Springmill Rd., Mansfield. Phone: 419-747-0012.

Reindeer Grill, 10 S. Park St., Mansfield. Phone: 571-570-2132.

Renaissance Theatre, 138 Park Ave W., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2726.

Relax, it’s just Coffee, 105 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-1521.

Richland Carrousel Park, 75 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-524-4223.

Roush's Floors and More, 40 E Main St, Shelby. Phone: 419-342-1655.

Shelby Q, 19 N. Gamble St. Phone: 419-610-1101.

Shelby YMCA, 111 W Smiley Rd, Shelby. Phone: 419-347-1312.

Smith True Value Hardware, 143 Main St Bellville. Phone: 419-886-3200. 

Snap Fitness - Mansfield, 1034 Ashland Rd., Mansfield. Phone: 419-610-2111. 

Snap Fitness - Shelby, 209 Mansfield Ave., Shelby. Phone: 419-342-4000.

Snow Trails Ski Shop, 3100 Possum Run Rd., Mansfield. Phone: 419-756-3105.

Spitzer Motors of Mansfield, 1777 W. 4th Street, Mansfield. Phone: 419-524-2511.

Sportsman’s Den Inc., 201 N. Gamble St., Shelby. Phone: 419-347-3007.

Squirrel's Den, 33 N. Main St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-9070.

Stoodts Market, 184 Main St., Bellville. Phone: 419-886-3131. 

Studio 19 Salon & Spa, 19 E. 4th Street, Mansfield. Phone: 419-524-1911. 

Swavory, 21 E. Temple Court, Mansfield. Phone: 567-560-8237.

Tara's Floral Expressions, 48 W. 4th St, Mansfield. Phone: 419-529-0600.

The Blue Barista Coffee Company, Richland Mall. Phone: (567) 303-8047.

The Blueberry Patch, 1285 W Hanley Rd., Mansfield. Phone: 419-884-1797.

The Bookery, 2300 W Fourth St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-529-4324.

The Boot Life, 36 W. 4th St, Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-1630.

The Cabin Grill, 2106 St. Rt. 603, Mansfield/Ashland. Phone: 419-368-4457.

The Chill Downtown Ice Cream Parlor, 46 W. Fourth St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-529-0773

The Fan Cave Shop, 111 W. Main St, Shelby. Phone: 419-295-6622.

The Fancy Chicken, 38 E. Main St. Shelby. Phone: 419-571-8657. 

The ‘Field Market, 105 N. Main St., Mansfield.

The Happy Grape, 300 E. Main St, Lexington. Phone: 419-884-9463. 

The Keto Zone, 1321 Lexington Avenue, Mansfield. Phone: 234-571-9098. 

The Ohio State Reformatory, 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2644.

The Phoenix Brewing Co., 131 N. Diamond St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2552.

The UPS Store - Ontario, 2152 Walker Lake Rd., Ontario. Phone: 419-807-1798.

The Urban Barn, 12 Park St., Mansfield. Phone: 419-564-5032. 

The Vault Wine Bar, 29 West Main Street, Shelby. Phone: 567-292-9081.

Toy Hunters, 2032 W. Fourth St., Ontario. Phone: 419-677-9447.

Tres-Den's Jewelers, 46 W. Main St, Shelby. Phone: 419-347-3711.

V & M Family Restaurant, 104 Main St., Bellville. Phone: 419-886-3569.

Vidonish Stained Glass Studio, 20 E. Main St, Lexington. Phone: 419-884-1119.

Wade Gardens, 3360 Possum Run Rd, Mansfield. Phone: 419-774-0004. 

Warrior Drive-In & Pizza, 3393 Park Avenue West, Ontario. Phone: 419-529-8922.

Waynes Country Market, 2440 Lexington Ave., Mansfield. Phone: 419-884-1993.

Weekley Chrysler Dodge Jeep, 50 Main St, Butler. Phone: 419-883-2461.

What Goes ‘Round Thrift Store, 113 N. Main St, Mansfield. Phone: 419-522-2890.

Wishmaker House, 116 Main St., Bellville. Phone: 419-886-9463.

Y-Not Cycling & Fitness, 64 E. Main St., Lexington. Phone: 419-884-6135. 

The complete Prize Passport can be found here.

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