Shelby Center Historic District

The Shelby Historic Preservation Commission is based out of Shelby City Hall, 43 W. Main St.

SHELBY - In honor of Historic Preservation Month, the Shelby Historic Preservation Commission has given downtown property owners unique window signage to identify the city’s historic landmarks.

“Shelbians have always treasured their unique heritage,” said Christina Drain, chair of the commission. “The signs are a visible way to celebrate that heritage.”

The first properties to be recognized are in the Shelby Center Historic District. These buildings are designated as a historic landmarks on the National Register of Historic Places, Ohio Historic Inventory, and the Shelby Locally Designated Historic Landmarks list.

Placement of the signs on 28 properties located in the Shelby Center Historic District will create a sizeable visual impact as the public travels down Main Street, while spotlighting preservation in the city.

The 8- by 12-inch signs were designed by Shelby CIC member Cody Albert and printed by Cain Graphics.

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