Visits to Little Buckeye Children’s Museum Shop Small

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum is passionate about filling the gaps in healthy child development that are often left out by traditional public school systems, like art programs and physical education. They are helping the community as a whole to thrive.

“Our goal is to provide a fun and safe space that encourages open-ended, self-directed play. This promotes exploration and sparks the imagination. Our exhibits also contain components that encourage parent-child interaction, as we know that this is critical to child development,” said museum manager, Suzanna Hammond.

“Through the power of play, children will also develop crucial skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving skills, social skills (like sharing and communication skills), fine and gross motor skills and more, all while having fun,” she said.

Visits to Little Buckeye Children’s Museum Shop Small

Not only does Little Buckeye Children’s Museum benefit children and families directly, but the organization is also extremely generous with donations to the community. They have donated to the Shelby Foundation, Catholic Charities, Catalyst Life Services, Mansfield City Schools and more.

“What we love most about our community is the endless support and the incredibly creative and ambitious people who are working hard every day to make our community a place that is beautiful, safe and fun for all!” Hammond said.

“The energy in our community, and the unbelievable pool of talented, artistic and intelligent people that have fatefully gathered here, in a community of such potential, is both inspiring and encouraging, and a nod to what is sure to come for this community.”

The exciting future of Little Buckeye is approaching quickly. It will open a brilliant new facility in the Imagination District dedicated to child, family and community development to the public in 2021.

Visits to Little Buckeye Children’s Museum Shop Small

In the meantime, the museum will continue to expand its reach through parenting programs, traveling exhibits and more. The team is also preparing for expansions of the business and staff.

"When people ‘shop small’ at a business like ours they are supporting a local nonprofit whose revenue and services benefit our shared community!” said Hammond. 

Little Buckeye Children's Museum focuses on providing healthy child development opportunities to the families it serves. 

“So by visiting us, people are helping to support our mission and expand our impact on the children and families in our community,” Hammond said.

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Maggie Allred is an intern for Richland Source, and a senior at Mansfield Senior High School. She writes music in her spare time and performs locally. Diet Coke and King of the Hill enthusiast. Theatre nerd.