Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food Co.

President of Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food Co., Eric Boliantz, describes the business as “The General Store with So Much More!”

“We're homegrown Mansfielders and are family-owned and operated. We strive to give exceptional service and enjoy assisting our customers with quality food at a reasonable price. We get to know our customers, and their support improves the quality of life for all residents of Richland County in many different ways.”

The Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food Co. provides unique and hard to find items which vary from healthy to something that will become a guilty pleasure. Not only that, but there is fresh, farm-raised beef.

Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food Co.

“Our family-raised beef herd continues to grow, we only sell what we raise, and our produce continues to be popular,” Boliantz said.

The home-town feel is an important element to those at Pumpkin Seed. 

“Our folks like buying local, especially when it comes to food, and we’re happy to play a part in that,” said Boliantz, “While great food is our main focus, there’s so much more at Pumpkin Seed.”

The Dent-n-Bent department continues to grow, which expands to more non-food bargains. There are also plans to double the pumpkin patch in time for 2020. 

Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food Co.

“Our newly expanded bird and wildlife section and the Swan Creek Candles are both popular areas of the store.”

When shopping at Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food Company, you are not only supporting the business, but helping them to help others. 

Pumpkin Seed is committed to helping with domestic and international disaster relief, creating water wells, nutrition and food for children in need, rescuing children who have been sex trafficked, and many other local charities, including the Domestic Violence Shelter and Richland Pregnancy Services.

“It's humbling to serve customers we've known for many years as well as new folks all the time!” said Boliantz. “We've been blessed to work together as a family with wonderful and talented team members. It is our great pleasure to serve our community!”

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Maggie Allred is an intern for Richland Source, and a senior at Mansfield Senior High School. She writes music in her spare time and performs locally. Diet Coke and King of the Hill enthusiast. Theatre nerd.