Blackbird Bakery featuring a holiday menu, taking custom orders

Blackbird Bakery draws in customers with the scent of fresh, homemade baked goods. Desra Wells launched the business in 2012 and gives customers fresh treats everyday.

“We love and support our community! Blackbird takes pride in baking scratch-made pastries and custom orders. Seeing everyone enjoying them makes us proud,” said Wells. “When you choose to shop at our business, you will always receive the best customer service and quality baked goods.”

Customers can stop in and pick up something at 105 N. Main Street, or place a custom order.

Blackbird Bakery featuring a holiday menu, taking custom orders

“This Thanksgiving we will be taking orders for our delicious handmade pies and bread. Everything from caramel apple pies to herbed brioche dinner rolls,” said Wells.

A variety of different menus are coming to the bakery just in time for the holiday season, including a Christmas menu featuring Blackbird's famous cutout cookies and gingerbread cake. A holiday menu can be found on their Facebook page and Instagram

Blackbird Bakery featuring a holiday menu, taking custom orders

Not only does Blackbird Bakery provide the community with a variety of treats, but they also donate to local organizations on a regular basis. “Everyone is coming together to make and grow our community the best it can be. We love being a part of it all,” Wells said.

Visit the Blackbird Bakery website, or call 567-231-9709 to place a delicious custom order.

“We want to continue to be a part of the growing food scene and make people happy!”

This article was paid for by the small business mentioned. This holiday season, we will feature profiles on various local businesses encouraging readers to shop small. Read all the stories here.

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