Cash Mob

MANSFIELD -- Mechanics Bank is conducting a Cash Mob at Uncle John’s through Saturday.

A Cash Mob encourages others to shop locally by receiving a voucher good for a certain amount at a locally-owned business. Bank employees visit the designated retailer at the scheduled time to spend the money, take pictures and promote the business on social.

The idea behind a cash mob is to make a large impact in a short amount of time for a local business, garnering word-of-mouth buzz both online and in real life in addition to an influx of new customers and sales for them.

Typically they happen in a short window of time (a few hours in one day) and even in groups.

"We extend it to three days and removed the group aspect in order to allow more people to participate," said Kristi Lord, of Mechanics Bank. "In addition, we purchase gift cards that the retailer can give out to customers as a surprise, as well as hold a contest on social to give out a gift as well.

"This is our 13th Cash Mob since we started doing them in 2016."

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